Cloud Managed Services

AWS Managed Services (AMS) provides a proactive and preventive approach to infrastructure management, increasing operational efficiency and security. By using AMS, you benefit from continuous analytics, workflow automation, and full support for your AWS environment, including incident management, and compliance along with better performance. This ensures that your system is always up-to-date, secure and efficient to allow you to stay focused on your core tasks. In Hosting Home we provide NOC Services with the best AWS Managed Services.

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Our AWS Managed Services

Large-scale AWS adoption is made easier by AWS Managed Services (AMS), which also improves security and efficiency. AMS applies operational best practices that are customized to your environment and applications while providing professional guidance through the use of standard AWS services. Raising operational standards and reducing risks without sacrificing agility, AMS offers proactive, preventative, and detective capabilities through specialized automation, talents, and contextual experience. This enables you to focus on creativity. Furthermore, AMS provides your team with extensive operational capabilities including issue handling and monitoring.

noc service

NOC as a Service

The NOC (Network Operations Center) team offers 24/7 monitoring and assistance for the servers, networks, applications that make up your company’s AWS IT infrastructure.

database ops

Database Ops

DataOps (short for data operations) simplifies the management of data objects and processes, and demonstrates the efficiency of software development practices. By implementing DataOps your organization can rapidly benefit from data products ensuring high-quality, reliable data management and analysis. This approach is also utilized in our MySQL packages.

cloud infrastructure

Cloud Infrastructure

The cloud infrastructure is a aggregate of public and private cloud environments. Which offer bendy and scalable resources for businesses. It includes server, garage, and network additives that work together to help programs and obligations. This included strategy enables agencies to optimize productiveness, improve protection, and manipulate sources across a couple of cloud structures.

Best Cloud Managed Services with High Performance, Faster & Secure

Manged Infrastructure

Experience top-tier performance and unparalleled uptime with our fully managed, dedicated infrastructure hosting solution.

Impeccable Service

Receive round-the-clock assistance from our dedicated customer support team ready to address any network or IT-related concerns you encounter.

Infinite Scalability for Success

Benefit from unparalleled flexibility as you instantly enhance your server’s capabilities with a mere click, laying the groundwork for significant expansion.

Cost-Effective Solutions

Streamline your operations by coordinating with multiple service providers on a single platform, reducing expenses efficiently.

Secured Network

Enjoy secure information exchange with cutting-edge cybersecurity protocols, ensuring risk-free transactions and communications.

Seamless Migration

Experience comprehensive support throughout the migration process with security integrated seamlessly at every stage of your journey.

Why NOC Important to AWS Managed Services?

Take an Example: can you cook by yourself “Yes” but if you don’t know how to cook that time you’re in trouble. That’s why you need a chef for providing good food and save your time. Like this you want cloud managed service provider for maintain your AWS Managed Services.

Reduce Risk of your IT Infrastructure.

If you have several system applications, networks handling all can be difficult, managed services provider can provide proficiency experience team to handle your problems efficiently.

Prioritize Primary Business Activities.

Service management in cloud computing gives priority to core business functions. Instead of giving time to routine IT Tasks.

Cost effective

Taking Managed service provider is more cost effective than maintaining with IT team Its Paradise for especially small and medium businesses.

Why AWS MAnaged Support

Our Approach

How We Assist Businesses in Managing Cloud Services

Manage any volume of traffic confidently, free
from the worry of experiencing any
downtime whatsoever.


Performance Optimization


Disaster Recovery


Proactive Monitoring


Efficient Issue Resolution


Seamless Operations


Infra & App Management


Automated Issue Alerts


Quality Assurance


Problem Detection & Analysis


Ongoing Enhancements


Managed Storage & Backup


Migration Service

Our Services

Our NOC Service Offering Includes

aws managed service provider

Tier 1: Basic Monitoring and Support

24/7 Network Monitoring: We keep an eye on your network around the clock to ensure everything is running smoothly.

Alert Management: When something goes wrong, we handle the initial alerts and figure out what’s happening.

Incident Recording: We trust in a forward-looking manner to problem-solving, assuring that every issue is rapidly identified and announced.

Tier 2: Technical Assistance and Mid-Level

Supervision: Our seasoned experts are here to provide assistance and handle mid-tier issues, ensuring prompt and efficient resolutions.

Advanced Problem Solving: For more complex issues, our trained technicians perform extensive investigations to discover and resolve the root cause. This in-depth strategy enables us to address the most important obstacles.

Change Management: We closely monitor changes in the network to minimize disruptions and ensure uninterrupted service.

Tier 3: Expert-Level Solutions and assist

Architecture and Network Design: Our professionals create and implement cutting-edge network setups that are specific to your requirements.

Minimizing risks: Security management involves detecting and Minimizing risks as well as overseeing and tracking the safety of networks to ensure complete protection.

While planning for disaster recovery as well as business continuity: We carefully develop and carry out plans to quickly fix the problem if something goes incorrect ensuring that your business can continue to operate smoothly.

Operational Oversight:

Managed managed cloud hosting services provides you with a team of specialists in AWS who manage your cloud environment, allowing you to focus on your core business tasks and aws key management service.

Operations Manager:
The Operations Manager serves as your cloud guardian. They ensure that your AWS setup works effectively by monitoring its performance, resolving any issues, and helping it work optimally.

Subject Matter Experts (SMEs):
These are the experts of AWS who know a lot about different parts of the platform. Whether it’s making things work better, keeping them safe, or changing settings to fit your needs, SMEs are there to help and give advice.

Project Managers:
Think of Project Managers as the leaders organizing the performance of your cloud projects. They carefully plan, coordinate, and supervise every part of your cloud plans to make sure they happen smoothly and on time. Their job is crucial in making sure everyone on the team works together well and that projects get done successfully.

cloud managed services

Our Services

Our AWS Managed Services Offering Includes

amazon cloudwatch

Cloud Watch

Hosting Home uses CloudWatch to monitor your AWS resources and applications. We monitor and record data such as CPU usage, memory usage, disk I/O, and other system-level statistics. Additionally, we monitor the performance and health of your applications, ensuring optimal resource utilization.

AWS Workspace

AWS Workspace

You can access applications and documents from anywhere and on any supported device. You can provision Windows or Linux desktops in minutes, enabling remote and mobile work.Installing complicated software or purchasing and deploying hardware is no longer necessary thanks to AWS WorkSpaces. Users can be easily added or removed as needed.


aws cost cutting

Cost Cutting and Billing

Hosting Home examines and allocates expenses accordingly, enforcing cloud financial management and adopting usage-based payment models. By implementing appropriate measures, we enhance overall efficiency and avoid investing in routine resource management tasks. This is how Hosting Home manages cost cutting and billing effectively.


aws ec2

Amazon EC2

EC2 (Elastic Compute Cloud) provides secure and resizable compute capacity in the cloud. It makes scaling easy for developers, allowing instances to scale up and down as needed. EC2 supports different operating systems and works with Amazon VPC to provide a secure network. Additionally, it offers a pay-as-you-go model, all with the support of Hosting Home.

aws s3 buket

S3 Bucket

Object store your data on AWS S3 bucket with 99.99% durability and availability. It’s cost-effective with high security, data encryption, and scalability. Additionally, S3 buckets store objects and protect data, consisting of both the data and its metadata. All this is provided by Hosting Home.

aws vdi


Hosting Home in Virtual Desktop Interface provides centrally managed virtual desktops, enhances VDI capabilities as needed and increases access to digital workstations. This makes it easy to work from home and remotely. We maintain internal safety standards to ensure a highly secure environment, with all infrastructure compliance. Additionally, our cost-effective approach helps reduce IT costs.


Our Cloud Infrastructure Service Offering Includes

cloud migration
Cloud Migration
cloud optimization
Cloud Optimization
security as services
Security as a Service
cloud service provisioning
Service Provisioning
devops services
DevOps Services
cloud operations
Cloud Operations
disaster recovery service
Disaster Recovery Service
cloud service monitoring
Service Monitoring
managed cloud
Managed Cloud
cloud consulting solutions
Cloud Consulting Services
iaas service
IaaS Implementation
cloud customer support
Customer Support

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