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Build a business website with these three steps by Hosting Home services!

With online availability, it becomes easy for a business to reach global customers in just a few clicks. For long-term growth and survival, it is a must that the business must follow some sequential steps to come online. These steps are briefed for making it easy for the customer by Hosting Home services:

1. Pick a Domain Name

The first thing which a user must do is pick up a domain name that is suitable for the business profile.

2. Construct Your Business Website

Hosting Home is a leading service for creating a website with a speedy loading facility and fully secured protection. It can be a single-page website that summarizes a business profile in a magnificent way.

3. Make it Professional by Adding an Email Address

Hosting Home takes care of each and everything related to website handling. We give a smooth service for creating a professional email address to attract customers worldwide.

What are the services offered by Hosting Home with a domain name?

Hosting Home has a professional team that takes complete care of customer needs and requirements. While registering a domain name with Hosting Home services, a user gets to enjoy several services along with it which include:

1. Addition Of Email Addresses

Hosting Home give customized email accounts to the users. These accounts can help them to have a conversation with the clients in an easy and secure way. Anti-spam protection walls protect data and resources.

2. Managing Domain Name Server

Get complete control over subdomains, file transfer protocol, DNS data files, incognito, and so on with the help of the Hosting Home specialized help.

3. Email and Domain Forwarding

We give you an automatic system to route the emails incoming address and destination address. In addition, we enable you to automatically move the guests from one point to another without a change in the direction flow.

4. Supreme Protection Against Domain Theft

Hosting Home secures the domain name from getting stolen or accessed without permission with complete domain theft safeguarding.

5. Facile Control Panel

We have a worthy control panel service in the web hosting industry. It becomes easy to manage the domain name with Hosting Home support.

Most common questions asked by the customers!
Is it necessary to get a registered domain name?

In the domain world, it becomes a necessity to get a domain name that helps to distinguish a website from the other.

How to pick up a domain name?

It is beneficial to choose a domain name that is completely different and unique. A domain name should be suitable for the business profile.

Does a domain name have an expiry period?

Yes, a domain name comes with an expiry period. When the domain name gets expired, there are 30 days left as a grace period to get the renewal done.

What is the character limit for a domain name?

The minimum limit is one and the maximum extends to 63 characters.

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