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Java VPS Servers

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Java Basic

2545 Save 45%



2 Core CPU


20 GB NVMe Disk


1 TB Bandwidth




SSH Root Access


One IPv4 Address


Free Let's Encrypt SSL

Java Advance

5897 Save 60%



2 Core CPU


40 GB NVMe Disk


1 TB Bandwidth




SSH Root Access


One IPv4 Address


Free Let's Encrypt SSL

Java Pro

9539 Save 65%



4 Core CPU


100 GB NVMe Disk


2 TB Bandwidth




SSH Root Access


One IPv4 Address


Free Let's Encrypt SSL

Features with Java VPS Servers


Tomcat Manager


JSP Support


Servlet Support




Full Root Access


Spring & Hibernate

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Assured Servlet Support

With the Servlet language, it can be beneficial in enhancing server capabilities. Hosting Home offers assured servlet support to extend hosted applications.

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JSP Support

Want to write the data-driven dynamic pages on your java application? If so, choose Hosting Home Java VPS server that enables JSP (Java Server Pages) technology.

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Struts and Maven

With the Struts and Maven, you can create flexible applications based on the web using different technologies like XML, Java Server Pages, and manage Java projects.

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Spring and Hibernate

Spring is beneficial in application development based on the web. Hibernate helps to access different layers of data. Hosting Home provides you with reliable spring and hibernate support.

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JRE/JDK Versions

JDK includes JRE and other tools like debugger and compiler. JRE is essential to run programs in Java. You can choose a suitable JRE/JDK version in Hosting Home plans.

Java Hosting in India

Tomcat Version Choice

Why would you miss an advanced technology with Tomcat? With the Hosting Home plans, you can choose a suitable Tomcat version as per your requirement.


Top features associated with Java VPS servers

IPv4 Address

Hosting Home gives you access to one IPv4 address irrespective of any JAVA VPS Server plan. With a dedicated IP, one can enjoy a boost in all the extensions and scripts. We provide this feature as a gift in all our packages.

SSH Root-Access

SSH root access gives you administrative control on the server in a convenient manner. One can beneficially use the control power just with an interaction with the technical aspects. Get hands-on with the core control for your VPS server with Hosting Home.

Convenient Scalability

With our platform, you get to enjoy the ease of scalability. You can proceed with the downgrading or upgrading of your JAVA VPS server-related service without much downtime issue. With this feature, you can enjoy using the server without interruptions while changing any size or other elements.

Firewall Integration

Firewalls can be a safeguard to all your server related viruses and malicious attacks. With our JAVA VPS Server, you get advanced protection with firewall integration to boost resiliency within your business. Firewalls are defensive walls protection your apps and websites from any unauthorized access and security threats.


We deliver all the servers with full control to the user to handle and manage all the operations. You are the sole owner of your JAVA VPS Server and you can easily install any apps that are effective for your business. We provided a compatible hosting environment to match up with your business operations.

24x7 Support

Our team supports you in each stage of your server setup for any issues. We ensure you’ll fall in love with our remarkable service and hassle-free setup feature. Subscribe to our exclusive JAVA Server plan and enjoy the results.


JAVA VPS Server services

Pay by Bucket List

With a different range of package options available at Hosting Home, it becomes convenient to choose one as per your bucket list. In this way, you pay only for the features that are required by you and don’t pay for any extra things.

Economical Plans

Hosting Home provides you with the most flexible JAVA VPS Server plans suitable to your requirements. You are responsible to manage all the server related operations. So, we have economic plans that fit in your budget and acts as an asset for your business.

Tech Specialists

Our tech specialist team is available to serve you with the most reliable and smooth VPS Server service. We are available to cover all your setup requirements, hardening, migration, storage, and management related tasks. To seek the right guidance, consult our team for the best solutions.

Fine-tuned Servers

Hosting Home is ranked as the Best Hosting Company in India due to its ultra-reliable and fine-tuned hosting services. For the fastest and fine-tuned JAVA VPS Server, you can avail of our services. We have different plans matching your requirement bucket and providing you with our seamless service.

Unmatched Performance

With even a second delay on your page loading speed, you can experience a decrease in SEO rank and rate of conversion. With our servers, you won’t face any such issues and enjoy a great experience. It’s because we deliver you servers with optimized speed and ultra-fast operation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does your Java VPS support PHP?

Yes, you can run PHP on Java VPS. This feature will not be supported on the Java Shared Server.

Can i run MongoDB & NodeJS Applications?

Yes, this server will support MongoDB and NodeJS applications. We provide only basic installation support.

Can i use Glassfish instead of Tomcat?

Yes you can use Glassfish for Jakarta EE, EJB, JPA, JSF, JMS, RMI, JSP, servlets, etc., supports.

I want deploy only JAR file, will your server support?

Yes of course! the complete Root Access privileges are given on this server, using SSH you can deploy JAR files as well.

How is VPS hosting beneficial for end-user?

With Hosting Home’s high-performance VPS Hosting, you will get added features to your website and applications for better results. Some of the exclusively backed up features include full-root accessibility, RAM, supported SSD Storage, CPU Guaranteed, One IPv4 Address, Free Let’s Encrypt SSL, and much more. With our plans, you can easily save money and grow your business to a higher extent. VPS Hosting is linked with higher reliability and efficiency. In comparison to shared hosting, VPS holds a higher rank in terms of stability. Get a fully-secured VPS Server in just one go from Hosting Home!

What kind of support your team offers for the server?

Our team is always ready to support you in every stage of the hosting journey. With Hosting home, you get to enjoy highly advanced security support to protect your server from malware or spam threats. Our experts are keeping a close monitor on your server for network and operating system issues. We also look for any booting issues to provide you with higher uptime and all-time server accessibility. For the firewall and cPanel related issues, we have our professionals available even at the midnight. You can consult our team with the live chat support too.

Do you provide any money-back assurance?

With our hosting services, you won’t ever face any issues. We guaranteed you a splendid service without any hassles and reliable performance. If you aren’t satisfied with any of our plans, we also have a money-back scheme applicable for 30-days. Our team is active 24×7 to keep you updated with new features added to the plans or any changes. Hosting Home holds a prestigious record in providing a guaranteed uptime and excellent quality server. You can also ping us about any server related issues or seek guidance from our experts without waiting for hours.

Is it possible to upgrade my JAVA Server plan?

Hosting Home has flexible server plans for all the clients. We offer easy upgrades for all your plans from basic to pro. You can switch to a higher plan in just simple steps. Our team is available for all your queries and give you instant solutions. Novice users begin with a basic plan and then switch to the advanced level after some usage period. We support your entire request but you need to consult our team for any such upgrade. You can consult us using live chat or email contact and connect with our team to follow the steps for an easy upgrade.

Can I run JAVA apps along with PHP on one server itself?

For switching to a stable option, one can combine JAVA with PHP to make an effective environment for all your operations. It can give you higher stability for all your server related functions. For an ideal option, go for buying a VPS Server to conveniently run PHP as well as JAVA apps. You can enjoy high-performance and 99.95% uptime assured VPS Servers from Hosting Home. In the shared JAVA server, you might face issues in combining with PHP as it is not allowed to maintain server security. Consult our team for more information on this.

Which one is better- JAVA VPS or Shared JAVA server?

Both the servers cover their individualistic features and give a great experience. With JAVA shared server, you will get a server as a default one. But eventually, it turns out to be a shared hosting server so you can choose if you’ve no issues with it. On the other hand, JAVA VPS is much more suitable to support all your JAVA apps. In this VPS Server, you get access to a private server. In this way, JAVA VPS comes with administrative control and higher scalability. You can choose as per your requirement! Hosting Home comes with an affordable range of plans for JAVA servers.

Do you provide tech support with all the JAVA VPS plans?

In all our JAVA plans, we cover an extensive range of features to support your hosting operations. Hosting Home aims at delivery guaranteed uptime and assured server quality. When you subscribe to any of our JAVA VPS Server plans, you get assured tech support from our professional team. Our team comprise experts guiding you throughout the hosting journey. You can consult our team for all your server related queries and even enquire about our package range. Hosting Home is available 24×7 for the clients to tackle all the server issues and provide solutions immediately.

Will I get a user-friendly JAVA VPS hosting plan?

With our JAVA VPS Server plans, you don’t face any complexity in using it. We value our customers and aim at delivering user-friendly servers to eliminate all the hassles in operating them. Since JAVA is considered to be an OOP (Object-Oriented Programming) language implying a simpler language. If you’re a novice server operator, JAVA VPS is not much a tough one. Hosting Home professionals are available to guide you all about the server. We handle all your management related tasks eliminating your hassles. You don’t need to be a tech expert for operating JAVA Server.

Java Shared

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