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Best Java Web Server

Java VPS (Virtual Private Server) hosting provides a virtual environment on a shared server, tailored for running Java hosting server applications and services. With dedicated resources, users can enjoy reliable performance and customization options. This hosting is perfect for Java developers and projects requiring a stable platform to deploy Java-based apps, websites, and services. HostingHome Provides cheapest java hosting servers. Buy your plans at best java hosting price

java vps server

Java Server Basic

2545 Save 45%


Text with Selectable Text and Non-Copyable Symbol
2 Core CPU
20 GB NVMe Disk
1 TB Bandwidth
SSH Root Access
One IPv4 Address
Free Let's Encrypt SSL
Free Managed Support
Free Weekly Backup
DDOS Protection
99.9% Uptime Guarantee

Java Advance

5897 Save 60%


Text with Selectable Text and Non-Copyable Symbol
2 Core CPU
40 GB NVMe Disk
1 TB Bandwidth
SSH Root Access
One IPv4 Address
Free Let's Encrypt SSL
Free Managed Support
Free Weekly Backup
DDOS Protection
99.9% Uptime Guarantee

Java Pro

9539 Save 65%


Text with Selectable Text and Non-Copyable Symbol
4 Core CPU
100 GB NVMe Disk
2 TB Bandwidth
SSH Root Access
One IPv4 Address
Free Let's Encrypt SSL
Free Managed Support
Free Weekly Backup
DDOS Protection
99.9% Uptime Guarantee

Best Java Hosting Feature


Tomcat Manager


JSP Support


Servlet Support




Full Root Access


Spring & Hibernate

Java Hosting
Assured Servlet Support

With the Servlet language, it can be beneficial in enhancing server capabilities. Hosting Home offers assured servlet support to extend hosted applications.

Java Server
Spring and Hibernate

Java spring hosting is beneficial in application development based on the web. Hibernate helps to access different layers of data. Hosting Home provides you with reliable spring and hibernate support.

Java Hosting
JSP Support

Want to write the data-driven dynamic pages on your java application? If so, choose Hosting Home Java VPS server that enables JSP (Java Server Pages) technology.

Java vps
JRE/JDK Versions

JDK includes JRE and other tools like debugger and compiler. JRE is essential to run programs in Java. You can choose a suitable JRE/JDK version in Hosting Home plans.

Windows Hosting Service Provider in India
Struts and Maven

With the Struts and Maven, you can create flexible applications based on the web using different technologies like XML, Java Server Pages, and manage Java projects.

Java VPS Server
Tomcat Version Choice

Why would you miss an advanced technology with Tomcat? With the Hosting Home plans, you can choose a suitable Tomcat version as per your requirement.

Java VPS Server


Top java hosting features associated with Java VPS servers

IPv4 Address

Hosting Home gives you access to one IPv4 address irrespective of any JAVA VPS Server plan. With a dedicated IP, one can enjoy a boost in all the extensions and scripts. We provide this feature as a gift in all our packages.

SSH Root-Access

SSH root access gives you administrative control on the server in a convenient manner. One can beneficially use the control power just with an interaction with the technical aspects. Get hands-on with the core control for your VPS server with Hosting Home.

Convenient Scalability

With our platform, you get to enjoy the ease of scalability. You can proceed with the downgrading or upgrading of your JAVA VPS server-related service without much downtime issue. With this feature, you can enjoy using the server without interruptions while changing any size or other elements.

Firewall Integration

Firewalls can be a safeguard to all your server related viruses and malicious attacks. With our JAVA VPS Server, you get advanced protection with firewall integration to boost resiliency within your business. Firewalls are defensive walls protection your apps and websites from any unauthorized access and security threats.


We deliver all the servers with full control to the user to handle and manage all the operations. You are the sole owner of your JAVA VPS Server and you can easily install any apps that are effective for your business. We provided a compatible hosting environment to match up with your business operations.

24×7 Support

Our team supports you in each stage of your server setup for any issues. We ensure you’ll fall in love with our remarkable service and hassle-free setup feature. Subscribe to our exclusive JAVA Server plan and enjoy the results.
Hosting Home Free Features and Services


JAVA VPS Server services

Pay by Bucket List

With a different range of package options available at Hosting Home, it becomes convenient to choose one as per your bucket list. In this way, you pay only for the features that are required by you and don’t pay for any extra things.

Economical Plans

Hosting Home provides you with the most flexible JAVA VPS Server plans suitable to your requirements. You are responsible to manage all the server related operations. So, we have economic plans that fit in your budget and acts as an asset for your business.

Tech Specialists
Our tech specialist team is available to serve you with the most reliable and smooth VPS Server service. We are available to cover all your setup requirements, hardening, migration, storage, and management related tasks. To seek the right guidance, consult our team for the best solutions.

Fine-tuned Servers

Hosting Home is ranked as the Best Hosting Company in India due to its ultra-reliable and fine-tuned hosting services. For the fastest and fine-tuned JAVA VPS Server, you can avail of our services. We have different plans matching your requirement bucket and providing you with our seamless service.

Unmatched Performance

With even a second delay on your page loading speed, you can experience a decrease in SEO rank and rate of conversion. With our servers, you won’t face any such issues and enjoy a great experience. It’s because we deliver you servers with optimized speed and ultra-fast operation.

Java VPS Hosting

Applications with VPS

When it comes to Best hosting for Java web applications, reliability, performance, and control are paramount. That’s where Java VPS hosting comes into play. With Java VPS, you get a dedicated virtual server optimized for Java, offering the ideal environment for your applications.

Java Web Hosting

often referred to as web hosting java or Java hosting VPS, is the go-to choice for developers and businesses seeking the best VPS hosting for Java applications. Why? Let’s dive in.

Free Java Hosting

Enjoy Free Java Hosting Trail for 3 days with Hosting Home and 30 days money back guaranty

Benefits of VPS Hosting for Java

1. Performance: In the world of Java, every millisecond counts. Java VPS ensures your applications run with maximum speed and efficiency. No more shared resources slowing you down.

2. Control: Gain complete control over your server environment. Install custom software, configure server settings, and tailor the VPS to meet your exact requirements.

3. Reliability: Downtime can be costly. Java VPS hosting offers high uptime guarantees, ensuring your applications are available 24/7.

4. Security: Protect your Java app hosting or Java application hosting services with robust security features. VPS Java server hosting offer isolation and enhanced security measures, keeping your data safe.

Why Choose the Best VPS Hosting for Java?

Not all VPS hosts are created equal. To fully harness the power of Java, it’s crucial to select the best VPS hosting for Java applications. Look for a provider with experience in Java hosting plans and a proven track record in performance and support.

With the right Java VPS server, you can run a wide range of Java web application hosting, including web applications, databases, game servers, and more. Your Java VPS can be optimized for Java Development Kit (JDK) compatibility, making it the perfect environment for your Java projects.

Whether you’re a developer or a business owner, the benefits of VPS Java hosting india are undeniable. Enjoy the freedom to scale resources as needed, install custom applications, and fine-tune your server for Java-specific requirements.

Java VPS hosting provides the ultimate platform for running java application server hosting with unparalleled performance, control, and reliability. Elevate your Java projects to new heights with the best VPS hosting for Java applications. Choose VPS Java hosting and experience the difference for yourself.

Tomcat Server VPS Hosting

Unleash the Power of Java

When it comes to harnessing the full potential of Java for your web applications, nothing beats the performance and control of Java VPS Hosting. With VPS Java Hosting, you get a dedicated environment that’s tailor-made for Java applications, ensuring speed, reliability, and the resources your projects demand.

At [Your Company Name], we specialize in providing top-notch VPS Hosting Java solutions designed to meet your specific needs. Whether you’re running Java web applications, servlets, or Java-based services, our VPS Hosting for Java is the ideal platform to elevate your performance.

Why Choose Our VPS Java Hosting?

Best VPS Hosting for Java

Our VPS plans are optimized for Java, offering exceptional speed and reliability for your Java-based projects.

Java VPS Server

Your dedicated Java VPS Server ensures that your applications run smoothly without interference from other users, providing consistent performance.

Complete Control: With root access, you have full control over your VPS Java Hosting, allowing you to customize and configure your environment to your liking.

Scalable Resources: Our VPS Hosting Java plans come with scalable resources, enabling you to adjust CPU, RAM, and storage as your needs evolve.

24/7 Support: Our expert support team is available around the clock to assist with any issues or questions you may have regarding your VPS Hosting for Java.

Java VPS Hosting with Root Access

When it comes to hosting your Java applications, having the right environment is crucial. That’s where Java VPS hosting with root access comes into play. It offers the perfect balance of control and performance, making it an ideal choice for developers and businesses alike.

With VPS Java hosting, you get a virtual private server that’s specifically optimized for running Java applications. This means you have dedicated resources, ensuring your Java applications run smoothly and efficiently.

But what sets Java VPS hosting apart is the coveted root access. Root access gives you full control over your virtual server. You can install, configure, and customize your server environment according to your specific needs. This level of control is particularly valuable for Java developers who require a tailored setup for their applications.

Not all VPS hosting services are created equal, so it’s essential to choose the best VPS hosting for Java. Look for providers that offer top-notch hardware, high-speed SSD storage, and reliable customer support. This ensures that your Java VPS server delivers exceptional performance and remains accessible 24/7.

Whether you’re hosting a web application, a game server, or any other Java-based project, a Java VPS hosting solution with root access is the key to success. It empowers you with the control and resources needed to optimize your Java applications and deliver a seamless user experience.

Make the smart choice for your Java hosting needs and explore the world of Java VPS hosting with root access. Unlock the full potential of your Java applications and take control of your hosting environment today.

Java VPS Hosting with NVMe Storage

When it comes to hosting your Java applications, performance and reliability are key. That’s where Java VPS Hosting with NVMe Storage excels. With a focus on speed, scalability, and top-notch support, it’s the ideal solution for Java enthusiasts and developers.

At the core of Java VPS Hosting is the ability to run Java applications with precision. With dedicated resources and the power of a Virtual Private Server (VPS), your Java applications will perform at their best. Whether you’re running a web application, game server, or enterprise-level software, Java VPS Hosting has you covered.

Why choose VPS for your Java hosting? VPS stands for Virtual Private Server, which means you get your own dedicated environment to run Java applications. It’s like having your own piece of a powerful server, ensuring consistent and reliable performance. You won’t have to worry about the limitations often associated with shared hosting.

But what sets Java VPS Hosting with NVMe Storage apart? NVMe’s , or Solid-State Drives, are the secret ingredient. They provide lightning-fast data access and retrieval, significantly improving your application’s speed and responsiveness. With NVMe storage, your Java applications will load quickly and run smoothly, offering an excellent user experience.

Looking for the best VPS hosting for Java? You’ve found it. Java VPS Hosting with NVMe Storage is designed to meet the needs of Java developers and businesses running Java applications. It offers the ideal blend of dedicated resources and NVMe storage, ensuring that your applications perform at their peak.

When you choose Java VPS Hosting, you’re not just getting a server; you’re getting a partner in your Java journey. The support team is available around the clock to assist with any questions or technical issues. Your Java hosting experience is in capable hands.

So, if you’re in search of the perfect hosting solution for your Java applications, look no further. Java VPS Hosting with NVMe Storage combines the power of Java with the speed of NVMe’s, delivering a superior hosting experience.

Experience the difference with Java VPS Hosting. Give your Java applications the performance and reliability they deserve.

Secure Java VPS Hosting

When it comes to hosting Java applications, security is a top priority. That’s where Java VPS hosting comes into play. With the power of a VPS Java server, you can ensure the security and performance of your Java applications.

VPS hosting for Java offers a dedicated virtual environment, giving you the control and resources needed for running Java applications seamlessly. Whether you’re developing web applications, hosting a Java-based website, or need a secure environment for your Java software, a Java VPS server is the ideal solution.

Why choose a VPS Java hosting? It provides the best of both worlds – the flexibility and scalability of VPS hosting and the robustness of Java. You get dedicated resources, including CPU, RAM, and storage, ensuring that your Java applications run smoothly without sharing resources with other users.

Security is a crucial aspect of best VPS hosting for Java. With your isolated environment, you can implement your security measures, install firewalls, and manage access control as per your requirements. This level of control allows you to protect your Java applications from potential threats and vulnerabilities.

Additionally, Java VPS hosting providers often offer regular backups and updates to keep your environment secure and up-to-date. They also provide support and monitoring to ensure that your Java server remains secure and performs at its best.

So, if you’re seeking secure Java VPS hosting for your applications, consider the benefits of a dedicated VPS hosting Java environment. It’s a reliable solution to host your Java-based projects with the assurance of a secure and efficient hosting environment.

Java VPS Hosting Plans

When it comes to hosting your Java applications, finding the right VPS (Virtual Private Server) is crucial. Java VPS hosting offers a scalable and powerful solution for running Java-based applications. If you’re in search of the best VPS hosting for Java, you’re in the right place.

At our hosting company, we offer a range of Java VPS hosting plans designed to cater to your specific needs. Our plans start at just ₹1399 per month, making high-quality Java hosting accessible to businesses and developers of all sizes.

VPS Java Hosting with Dedicated Resources

One of the standout features of our Java VPS hosting is the provision of dedicated resources. Each VPS is equipped with its own dedicated CPU and RAM, ensuring that your Java applications run smoothly and consistently, without being affected by the activities of other users.

Customizable VPS Hosting for Java

We understand that not all Java applications are the same. That’s why we offer customizable VPS hosting plans. You can easily scale your resources up or down based on your project’s requirements. This flexibility allows you to pay only for what you need, making our Java VPS hosting cost-effective and tailored to your needs.

Java VPS Hosting Plans Starting at ₹1399

Our Java VPS hosting plans begin at an affordable ₹1399 per month. With this entry-level plan, you’ll get access to the best VPS hosting for Java, offering a solid foundation for your applications. As your requirements grow, we offer higher-tier plans, with our top-tier plan priced at ₹3339 per month, ensuring that you always have the resources you need to run your Java applications efficiently.

Java VPS Server with NVMe Storage

To enhance the performance of your Java applications, we utilize SSD (Solid State

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Java Hosting

Java hosting is when you lease a server (VPS, Cloud, or Dedicated server) to create Java applications. The server’s significantly enhanced power, being approximately five times more potent than a standard computer, makes Java hosting exceptionally efficient for users looking to develop multiple apps while operating on an ordinary computer.

Java hosting refers to the hosting of Java-based applications or websites on servers java website hosting specifically configured to run Java Virtual Machines. This specialized configuration ensures optimal performance and seamless execution of Java applications.

Java Hosting is a service where you can host Java-based applications in J2EE technology, encompassing elements such as JSP Pages, Java servlet hosting, Java Beans, XML, EJB, JMS, and JDBC to connect to databases. The service ensures a secure and private JVM (Java Virtual Machine) environment using the popular open-source free Tomcat Engine, known for its reliability and performance in the Java development industry.

Explore the variety of Java hosting services available to find the one that aligns with your specific project requirements. Whether you’re seeking cheap Java hosting in India or a robust solution for hosting Java projects, numerous Hostinghome is best java hosting providers offer tailored services to cater to your Java development needs..

What is Java Web Hosting

  • Best Java Web Hosting India offers a platform where you can lease a server (VPS, Cloud, or Dedicated server) specifically optimized for creating Java applications. This tailored hosting solution ensures that the server’s power, being approximately five times more potent than a standard computer, significantly enhances the efficiency of your Java application development process. With this extra power, Java hosting becomes a preferred choice for users looking to develop multiple apps while operating on an ordinary computer.
  • Java hosting services encompass hosting Java-based applications or websites on servers meticulously configured to run Java Virtual Machines. This specialized setup ensures seamless execution and optimal performance of your Java applications.
  • Java VPS servers are particularly renowned in India for providing a robust and customizable environment to host Java-based applications. Whether you’re seeking cheap Java hosting in India or a reliable Java VPS hosting solution, you’ll find a variety of options to suit your project needs.
  • When considering Java website hosting in India, it’s essential to choose a service that caters to your unique project requirements. Look for providers that offer a secure and private JVM environment using the popular open-source free Tomcat Engine, which remains one of the most trusted platforms in the industry today.
  • Java web hosting providers those encountering issues like Java connection refused to host, specialized Java hosting services in India can provide the necessary technical support and solutions to address such challenges and ensure smooth operations.
  • Now you can get java web hosting free trail for 3 days on hosting home. Contact sales now to enjoy java hosting free.

What is Server in Java?

  • Hoisting in JavaScript is an inherent behavior where all declarations, including variables and functions, are moved to the top of their respective scopes during the creation phase. Essentially, it is the default action of elevating these declarations to the top of the current script or function before the actual code execution. This means that you can utilize functions or variables even before they are formally declared within the code. JavaScript’s hoisting mechanism ensures that no matter where declarations appear in the code, they are effectively ‘hoisted’ to the top, allowing for flexibility and ease of use in the programming process.
  • Looking for optimal performance and tailored hosting for Java applications? Consider Java VPS hosting solutions, offering a dedicated environment for your Java-based projects. VPS Java hosting provides the necessary resources and flexibility to ensure smooth operation and efficient utilization of Java technologies. When it comes to hosting Java applications, you need reliability, speed, and a platform that’s optimized for Java. Explore the best VPS hosting for Java, ensuring your applications run seamlessly and efficiently

Does your Java VPS support PHP?

Yes, you can run PHP on Java VPS. This feature will not be supported on the Java Shared Server.

Can i run MongoDB & NodeJS Applications?

Yes, this server will support MongoDB and NodeJS applications. We provide only basic installation support.

Can i use Glassfish instead of Tomcat?

Yes you can use Glassfish for Jakarta EE, EJB, JPA, JSF, JMS, RMI, JSP, servlets, etc., supports.

I want deploy only JAR file, will your server support?

Yes of course! the complete Root Access privileges are given on this server, using SSH you can deploy JAR files as well.

How is VPS hosting beneficial for end-user?

With Hosting Home’s high-performance VPS Hosting, you will get added features to your website and applications for better results. Some of the exclusively backed up features include full-root accessibility, RAM, supported SSD Storage, CPU Guaranteed, One IPv4 Address, Free Let’s Encrypt SSL, and much more. With our plans, you can easily save money and grow your business to a higher extent. VPS Hosting is linked with higher reliability and efficiency. In comparison to shared hosting, VPS holds a higher rank in terms of stability. Get a fully-secured VPS Server in just one go from Hosting Home!

What kind of support your team offers for the server?

Our team is always ready to support you in every stage of the hosting journey. With Hosting home, you get to enjoy highly advanced security support to protect your server from malware or spam threats. Our experts are keeping a close monitor on your server for network and operating system issues. We also look for any booting issues to provide you with higher uptime and all-time server accessibility. For the firewall and cPanel related issues, we have our professionals available even at the midnight. You can consult our team with the live chat support too.

Do you provide any money-back assurance?

With our hosting services, you won’t ever face any issues. We guaranteed you a splendid service without any hassles and reliable performance. If you aren’t satisfied with any of our plans, we also have a money-back scheme applicable for 30-days. Our team is active 24×7 to keep you updated with new features added to the plans or any changes. Hosting Home holds a prestigious record in providing a guaranteed uptime and excellent quality server. You can also ping us about any server related issues or seek guidance from our experts without waiting for hours.

Is it possible to upgrade my JAVA Server plan?

Hosting Home has flexible server plans for all the clients. We offer easy upgrades for all your plans from basic to pro. You can switch to a higher plan in just simple steps. Our team is available for all your queries and give you instant solutions. Novice users begin with a basic plan and then switch to the advanced level after some usage period. We support your entire request but you need to consult our team for any such upgrade. You can consult us using live chat or email contact and connect with our team to follow the steps for an easy upgrade.

Can I run JAVA apps along with PHP on one server itself?

For switching to a stable option, one can combine JAVA with PHP to make an effective environment for all your operations. It can give you higher stability for all your server related functions. For an ideal option, go for buying a VPS Server to conveniently run PHP as well as JAVA apps. You can enjoy high-performance and 99.95% uptime assured VPS Servers from Hosting Home. In the shared JAVA server, you might face issues in combining with PHP as it is not allowed to maintain server security. Consult our team for more information on this.

Which one is better- JAVA VPS or Shared JAVA server?

Both the servers cover their individualistic features and give a great experience. With JAVA shared server, you will get a server as a default one. But eventually, it turns out to be a shared hosting server so you can choose if you’ve no issues with it. On the other hand, JAVA VPS is much more suitable to support all your JAVA apps. In this VPS Server, you get access to a private server. In this way, JAVA VPS comes with administrative control and higher scalability. You can choose as per your requirement! Hosting Home comes with an affordable range of plans for JAVA servers.

Do you provide tech support with all the JAVA VPS plans?

In all our JAVA plans, we cover an extensive range of features to support your hosting operations. Hosting Home aims at delivery guaranteed uptime and assured server quality. When you subscribe to any of our JAVA VPS Server plans, you get assured tech support from our professional team. Our team comprise experts guiding you throughout the hosting journey. You can consult our team for all your server related queries and even enquire about our package range. Hosting Home is available 24×7 for the clients to tackle all the server issues and provide solutions immediately.

Will I get a user-friendly JAVA VPS hosting plan?

With our JAVA VPS Server plans, you don’t face any complexity in using it. We value our customers and aim at delivering user-friendly servers to eliminate all the hassles in operating them. Since JAVA is considered to be an OOP (Object-Oriented Programming) language implying a simpler language. If you’re a novice server operator, JAVA VPS is not much a tough one. Hosting Home professionals are available to guide you all about the server. We handle all your management related tasks eliminating your hassles. You don’t need to be a tech expert for operating JAVA Server.
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