Python Server

A Python server is a powerful tool that facilitates the deployment and execution of Python-based applications and websites. Known for its simplicity and versatility, Python servers efficiently handle HTTP requests, making them ideal for web development. 
Python server

Python Web Server

Experience web development at its finest with our Python web server. Whether you’re a Django enthusiast, a WordPress aficionado, or favor the lightweight elegance of Flask, our hosting service provides an optimal environment for Python-based projects. Seamlessly connect to SQL Server, deploy dynamic applications, and benefit from the versatility of Python. With robust support for Apache web server on Linux, our platform ensures reliability, security, and high performance for your web endeavors. Elevate your coding experience with a user-friendly Python web server that simplifies deployment, management, and scalability. Discover the perfect synergy between Python and web hosting, empowering you to build, deploy, and scale your web applications effortlessly.

PH Starter

150 Save 50%


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Single Domain
20 GB NVMe Disk
300 GB Bandwidth
Python Multiple Versions
PIP Module Installation
Free SSL Certificate
99.9% Uptime Guarantee
Free Monthly Backup

PH Standard

250 Save 50%


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Two Domains
30 GB NVMe Disk
500 GB Bandwidth
Python Multiple Versions
PIP Module Installation
Free SSL Certificate
99.9% Uptime Guarantee
Free Monthly Backup

PH Premium

420 Save 50%


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Three Domains
50 GB NVMe Disk
Unlimited Bandwidth
Python Multiple Versions
PIP Module Installation
Free SSL Certificate
99.9% Uptime Guarantee
Free Monthly Backup

Python HTTP Server

Email Service Integration

Seamlessly integrate email services with our Python server. Enjoy reliable communication and efficient email management for your applications or websites.

Free Migration Assistance

Experience a hassle-free transition with our complimentary migration support. Move your Python-based projects to our server effortlessly, ensuring continuity without downtime.

Security & Reliability

Trust in robust security measures and unwavering reliability. Our Python server is fortified with advanced security, safeguarding your applications and data from potential threats.

24/7 Assistance

Round-the-clock support ensures you’re never alone. Our expert team is available 24/7 to address queries, troubleshoot issues, and provide guidance for a smooth Python server experience.

Free SSL Certificates

Prioritize security with free SSL certificates. Encrypt data transmissions, build trust with visitors, and enhance the overall security posture of your Python-based applications.

1-Click Installer - Softaculous

Simplify application installations with our user-friendly Softaculous 1-click installer. Deploy a variety of Python applications effortlessly, saving time and streamlining your development process.

Apache Web Server

Python Hosting

Embark on a journey of seamless web development with our Python hosting services. Whether you’re a Django enthusiast, WordPress aficionado, or a fan of lightweight frameworks like Flask or Pyramid, our platform provides the ideal environment for Python-based projects.

Django Hosting

Optimize your Django experience with our Python hosting. Seamlessly deploy, manage, and scale your Django applications. Benefit from a reliable and high-performance hosting environment, ensuring your web projects reach their full potential.

Flask Hosting

For those who prefer the elegance of Flask, our hosting platform provides a lightweight and efficient environment. Deploy Flask applications effortlessly and experience the flexibility of Python web development at its finest.

MySQL Integration

Connect seamlessly to MySQL databases using Python. Whether you’re running a simple HTTP server or a complex web application, our hosting services support Python’s integration with SQL Server technologies, ensuring efficient database management.

Pyramid Hosting

Explore the scalability and versatility of Pyramid with our Python hosting. Pyramid’s modular and flexible architecture finds a reliable home on our platform, allowing you to build sophisticated web applications with ease.


Simplify the management of your Python hosting with cPanel on Apache Web Server in a Linux environment. Enjoy an intuitive control panel, coupled with the power and stability of Apache, providing a seamless hosting experience for your Python projects.

Python SQL Server

Python Web Server Essentials

Dive into the world of Python web servers, where simplicity meets efficiency. Whether deploying a basic Python HTTP server or exploring more advanced options, our hosting service caters to diverse needs, providing a robust foundation for your web projects.

Harnessing the Power of Python HTTP Server

Explore the seamless integration of Python with our server environment. From running a simple HTTP server to intricate Python applications, our hosting platform ensures compatibility, speed, and reliability, empowering developers to unleash the full potential of Python.

Elevate Your Hosting with Python and SQL Server Integration

Unlock the synergy between Python and SQL Server for dynamic and data-driven applications. Seamlessly connect Python to SQL Server, leveraging the power of both technologies. Our hosting service supports this integration, providing a versatile environment for your projects.

Uncomplicating Python in SQL Server

Navigating the complexities of Python and SQL Server integration is made user-friendly with our hosting solutions. Experience a seamless environment where coding meets database management, ensuring a smooth and efficient workflow for developers.

Apache Web Server on Linux

Extend your hosting capabilities with the renowned Apache web server Linux environment. Whether you’re a Python enthusiast or exploring diverse technologies, our hosting service supports Apache, offering versatility and performance for your web applications.

Python Hosting with Apache on Linux

Experience the comprehensive hosting package with our Python hosting services. Whether you’re a Python aficionado or require the versatility of Apache on Linux, our hosting platform caters to your needs. Benefit from a robust, secure, and performance-driven environment for your web endeavors.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to Connect SQL Server in Python?

Connecting Python to SQL Server involves using libraries like pyodbc or pymssql. Install the required library, provide connection details, and use Python code to establish a connection, enabling seamless interaction with your SQL Server database.

How to Connect SQL Server with Python?

To connect SQL Server with Python, install a suitable library like pyodbc or pymssql. Utilize the library’s functions to establish a connection by specifying server details, allowing Python to communicate with SQL Server effortlessly.

How to Start Python Server?

Initiate a Python server using the command python -m http.server. This command launches a simple HTTP server, enabling you to host and serve files in the specified directory.

Can Python Connect to SQL Server?

Certainly, Python can connect to SQL Server using libraries like pyodbc or pymssql. Install the library, configure the connection details, and execute Python code to seamlessly connect to and interact with your SQL Server.

How to Create a Python Server?

Create a Python server using http.server module. Execute the command python -m http.server, and your Python server will start, allowing you to host files and serve them locally.

What is Python Language Server?

The Python Language Server is a tool that provides language features such as autocompletions, error checking, and code navigation in integrated development environments (IDEs) that support the Language Server Protocol (LSP).

How to Install Python in cPanel Server?

Installing Python on a cPanel server involves using cPanel’s EasyApache tool. Navigate to WHM, select EasyApache, and follow the prompts to add Python support to your Apache server on cPanel.

How to Install Python on Windows Server?

Install Python on a Windows Server by downloading the Python installer from the official website. Run the installer, follow the prompts, and Python will be installed on your Windows Server.

How to Run Python Script in Web Server?

To run a Python script on a web server, use a web framework like Flask or Django. Configure the framework to handle requests, and deploy your Python script within the framework’s structure for execution on the web server.

How to Connect Remote SQL Server Database in Python?

Connecting Python to a remote SQL Server database involves using libraries like pyodbc or pymssql. Install the library, configure the connection string with remote server details, and Python can establish a connection to the database seamlessly.

How to Deploy Python Code in Server?

Deploying Python code on a server involves several steps. Organize your code into a structure compatible with your server environment. Utilize a web framework like Flask or Django for web applications. Configure your server settings, install necessary dependencies, and ensure your code’s compatibility. Once prepared, deploy your Python code on the server, allowing it to run seamlessly.

How to Run Python Script in Wamp Server?

Running a Python script on Wamp Server involves configuring the server to handle Python scripts. Ensure that Wamp Server has Python support. Create a virtual host or configure an existing one to execute Python scripts. Place your Python script within the appropriate directory, and Wamp Server will execute the script, allowing you to test and run Python code locally.