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Cheap Linux Server optimize your online presence with our affordable and Cheap Linux dedicated servers. Experience unparalleled control, high-performance, and reliability. Benefit from the power of Linux, ensuring stability, security, and customization. Enjoy dedicated resources, high-speed connectivity, and robust server management tools. Run resource-intensive applications, host multiple websites, and ensure seamless data handling in affordable linux server price. Our plans include NVMe SSD, free backup, managed support, migration, and WhatsApp support. Build and scale your online presence confidently.Buy Linux Server Online from Hosting Home

Silver Server

5999 Save 55%


Text with Selectable Text and Non-Copyable Symbol
4 Core CPU (Gold Processor)
512 GB NVMe Disk
5 TB Bandwidth
Dedicated IP Address
WHM Control Panel
Free Let's Encrypt SSL
Free Managed Support
Tier 4 Data Centers
Storage NVMe SSD (RAID-10)
Free Weekly Backup
DDOS Protection

Gold Server

10499 Save 60%


Text with Selectable Text and Non-Copyable Symbol
6 Core CPU (Gold Processor)
750 GB NVMe Disk
10 TB Bandwidth
12 GB RAM (DDR4)
Dedicated IP Address
WHM Control Panel
Free Let's Encrypt SSL
Free Managed Support
Tire 4 Data Centers
Storage NVMe SSD (RAID-10)
Free Weekly Backup
DDOS Protection
99.9% Uptime Guarantee

Platinum Server

22608 Save 54%


Text with Selectable Text and Non-Copyable Symbol
8 Core CPU (Gold Processor)
1 TB NVMe Disk
15 TB Bandwidth
32 GB RAM (DDR4)
Dedicated IP Address
WHM Control Panel
Free Let's Encrypt SSL
Free Managed Support
Tire 4 Data Centers
Storage NVMe SSD (RAID-10)
Free Weekly Backup
DDOS Protection
99.9% Uptime Guarantee

Diamond Server

46430 Save 58%


Text with Selectable Text and Non-Copyable Symbol
12 Core CPU (Gold Processor)
1.5 TB NVMe Disk
20 TB Bandwidth
64 GB RAM (DDR4)
Dedicated IP Address
WHM Control Panel
Free Let's Encrypt SSL
Free Managed Support
Tire 4 Data Centers
Storage NVMe SSD (RAID-10)
Free Weekly Backup
DDOS Protection
99.9% Uptime Guarantee

Linux Server Features

DDOS Protection

Full Root Access

Managed Support

Free Migration

Easy Control Panel

99.9% Uptime

On-Demand Operating System

Linux Dedicated Server
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Best Linux Dedicated Hosting

Available OS & Detailed Specs

Setting Up Your Linux Server for Dedicated Hosting

Selecting a Linux Distribution Before you start, decide on the dedicated linux hosting server distribution that best suits your requirements. Popular choices include Ubuntu, CentOS, and Debian. Each has its own features and package management dedicated linux hosting

Initial Server Configuration After choosing your Linux distribution, follow these steps to set up your dedicated server linux:
1. Access your server via SSH (Secure Shell).
2. Update the system packages.
3. Create a non-root user with sudo privileges.
4. Set up a firewall to secure your server.
5. Configure the server’s hostname and domain name.

Optimizing Your Linux Dedicated Server Hosting

  Performance Optimization For the dedicated linux servers best performance, you can fine-tune your dedicated linux server hosting in several ways:
– Install and configure a web server like Apache or Nginx.
– Set up a database server like MySQL or PostgreSQL.
– Implement a content delivery network (CDN) for faster content delivery.
– Monitor your server’s resource usage and optimize as needed.

Here are some security measures to consider:
– Keep your server and software up to date.
– Install a robust firewall and intrusion detection system (IDS).
– Enable automatic security updates.
– Regularly backup your data

Buy linux dedicated hosting server India from HostingHome 

Centos Dedicated Server

Choose Lightweight, fast and reliable CentOS for Linux Dedicated Hosting powered by Red Hat Enterprise Linux.


CentOS 7 64bit with cPanel and WHM

CentOS 7 64bit with Plesk Onyx

CentOS 7 64bit with VestaCP Control Panel

CentOS 7 64bit with CentOS Panel

CentOS 7 64bit Minimal

CentOS 7 64bit

Maximizing Performance and Security with CentOS Linux Dedicated Server Hosting

A CentOS Linux dedicated server is a top choice for reliable, high-performance web hosting. Ideal for businesses, high-traffic websites, or resource-intensive applications, it offers complete control, enhanced security, and robust customization options. This guide explores CentOS Linux dedicated servers, highlighting hosting options and providing insights on optimizing for peak performance and security. Key features include control, security, and customization

Exploring CentOS Linux Dedicated Servers

A CentOS Linux dedicated server is a robust hosting solution designed for exclusive use. It offers unparalleled control, heightened security, and the flexibility to customize your server environment. Unlike shared hosting or VPS, this physical server is dedicated solely to your website or applications, ensuring optimal performance and tailored functionality.

Selecting a CentOS cheap dedicated linux server begins with choosing a reliable hosting provider. Look for companies with robust hardware, 24/7 support, and competitive pricing. Top providers offer both managed and unmanaged options. Affordable CentOS Linux dedicated server plans are available, even on a budget, covering diverse needs. Consider factors like server specifications, support, and data center locations that may influence pricing

Setting Up Your CentOS Linux Dedicated Server

Selecting a CentOS Linux Distribution Begin by choosing the CentOS Linux distribution that aligns with your requirements. Popular choices include CentOS 7 and CentOS 8, each with its own set of features and package management systems.

Initial Server Configuration Before you dive into server setup, follow these essential steps:
1. Access your server via SSH (Secure Shell).
2. Update system packages to keep your CentOS Linux dedicated server secure.
3. Create a non-root user with sudo privileges for enhanced security.
4. Implement a robust firewall to safeguard your server.
5. Configure your server’s hostname and domain name for proper identification.

Maximizing CentOS Linux Dedicated Server Performance

Performance Optimization To unlock the full potential of your CentOS Linux dedicated server, optimize its performance:
– Install and configure a web server such as Apache or Nginx.
– Set up a reliable database server like MySQL or PostgreSQL.
– Consider implementing a Content Delivery Network (CDN) for faster content delivery.
– Regularly monitor server resource usage and fine-tune server configurations as needed.

Ensuring Robust Security Securing your CentOS Linux dedicated server is paramount. Implement these security measures:
– Keep your server and software up to date to patch vulnerabilities.
– Install a strong firewall and intrusion detection system (IDS).
– Enable automatic security updates for ongoing protection.
– Maintain regular backups to safeguard your critical data.


Ubuntu is an open-source OS that the most top choice OS for web servers.


Ubuntu 22.04 64bit

Ubuntu 20.04 64bit

Ubuntu 18.04 64bit

Ubuntu 16.04 64bit

Ubuntu 14.04 64bit

Setting Up an Ubuntu Linux Dedicated Server for Optimal Performance

Unlock top-notch performance, security, and customization with an Ubuntu Linux dedicated server—a robust choice in web hosting. This guide simplifies setting up and optimizing your server. Discover the best Linux dedicated hosting options, from affordable solutions to region-specific ones like India. Explore unparalleled hosting efficiency now.

Unveiling the Power of an Ubuntu Linux Dedicated Server

A Ubuntu server offers complete control, heightened security, and customization for your web hosting needs. Choose a reputable provider for the best Linux dedicated server hosting with robust hardware, 24/7 support, and competitive pricing. Affordable options are available for cheap Linux dedicated server hosting, meeting various requirements. Pricing varies based on server specifications, support, and data center locations

Setting Up Your Ubuntu Linux Dedicated Server

Choose Ubuntu for its user-friendly interface and robust features. Before setup, access your server via SSH, update packages, create a non-root user with sudo privileges, set up a firewall for security, and configure hostname and domain for optimal performance.

Optimizing Your Ubuntu Dedicated Server

Performance Optimization: To unleash the full potential of your Ubuntu dedicated server, you can implement various strategies, such as:
– Installing and configuring a web server like Apache or Nginx.
– Setting up a database server such as MySQL or PostgreSQL.
– Leveraging a content delivery network (CDN) for faster content delivery.
– Continuously monitoring resource usage and optimizing as necessary.

Server Security: Safeguarding your server is paramount. Essential security measures include:
– Regularly updating server and software to patch vulnerabilities.
– Installing a robust firewall and intrusion detection system (IDS).
– Enabling automatic security updates.
– Implementing a robust backup strategy for data protection.

Exploring Ubuntu Server Hosting Options

Opt for Ubuntu Server hosting in India for low-latency performance and localized support. Compare Linux dedicated server prices to find a plan that fits your budget, considering hosting dedicated server linux specifications and provider features. For a cost-effective alternative, explore Dedicated VPS, offering dedicated resources with budget-friendly options.

Unlocking the Full Potential of Your Ubuntu Server

Optimize your hosting experience with a dedicated Ubuntu Linux server. Enjoy top-notch performance, security, and flexibility. Whether in India or beyond, choose the best Linux dedicated server hosting for seamless operations tailored to your unique requirements.

Fedora Dedicated Server

Fedora is a powerful, efficient, and highly customizable Operating System.


Fedora 37 64bit

Comprehensive Guide to Fedora Servers

Looking for a robust hosting solution? Consider a Fedora dedicated server hosting linux for ultimate control, security, and flexibility. This guide covers top hosting options, performance optimization, and tips for choosing the right server for your needs. Optimize your website or applications with a reliable and powerful Fedora Linux dedicated server.

Understanding Fedora Dedicated Server

A Fedora Linux dedicated server is a powerful, dedicated hosting solution providing exclusive hosting for your web content or applications. Offering superior control, enhanced security, and customization freedom, it stands apart from shared or VPS hosting.

When selecting Fedora Linux dedicated server hosting, prioritize providers with top-notch hardware, 24/7 support, and competitive pricing. Opt for managed or unmanaged options based on your preferences.

Setting Up Your Fedora Dedicated Hosting Provider

Selecting a Fedora Linux Distribution Start by selecting a Fedora Linux distribution that aligns with your requirements. You can choose from various versions, including Fedora Server, which is designed for server environments.

Initial Server Configuration To set up your dedicated server, follow these initial steps:
1. Access your server via SSH (Secure Shell).
2. Update the system packages to ensure everything is current.
3. Create a non-root user with sudo privileges for added security.
4. Configure a firewall to protect your server.
5. Set the server’s hostname and domain name for identification.

Optimizing Your Fedora Linux Dedicated Server

Performance Optimization To maximize your server’s performance, consider these steps:
– Install and configure a web server such as Apache or Nginx.
– Set up a database server like MySQL or PostgreSQL for your applications.
– Implement a content delivery network (CDN) to accelerate content delivery.
– Regularly monitor your server’s resource usage and make adjustments as needed.

Ensuring Fedora Linux Dedicated Server Security Server security is paramount. Here are important security measures:
– Keep your server and software up to date to patch vulnerabilities.
– Deploy a robust firewall and intrusion detection system (IDS).
– Enable automatic security updates to protect against emerging threats.
– Maintain regular backups of your data for disaster recovery.

Debian Dedicated Server

Debian architectures make it flexible and reliable. The advantage of running your web server with Debian is Stability, Speed, Strict Security, and Easy Upgrades.


Debian 11 64bit

Debian 10 64bit

Debian 9 64bit

Debian 8 64bit

Introduction to Debian  Dedicated Server Hosting

When it comes to powerful and cost-effective web hosting, a Debian Linux dedicated server stands out as an excellent choice. Whether you’re running a high-traffic website, a critical online application, or a business in need of robust hosting, a dedicated server offers the performance, security, and flexibility you require.

Why Choose a Debian  Server?

A dedicated server running Debian offers several compelling advantages, making it a top choice for many businesses and individuals:

  • Reliability: Debian is known for its stability and reliability, ensuring that your server runs smoothly.
  • Security: Debian is committed to providing timely security updates and robust security features to protect your server and data.
  • Customizability: With Debian, you have full control over your server’s configuration, allowing you to tailor it to your specific needs.
  • Open Source: Debian is open-source software, meaning you have access to a vast array of free, community-driven applications and tools.

Best Linux Dedicated Server Hosting with Debian

When setting up your Debian Linux dedicated server, choosing the right hosting provider is crucial. Look for the best Linux dedicated server hosting companies that offer the following:

  • 24/7 Support: Responsive customer support ensures that assistance is available whenever you need it.
  • Reliable Hardware: Top-notch servers with cutting-edge hardware guarantee optimal performance.
  • Competitive Pricing: Affordable plans that align with your budget without compromising quality.

Setting Up Your Debian Linux Dedicated Server

Configuring a Debian Linux dedicated server is a straightforward process. Here’s how you can get started:1. Operating System Installation

Begin by installing Debian Linux on your dedicated server. You can use the Debian installation image provided by your hosting provider. Ensure that the server is set up with a clean Debian installation.2. Initial Server Configuration

After installing Debian, follow these initial configuration steps:

  • Access your server via SSH using secure authentication methods.
  • Update the system packages to ensure you have the latest security patches.
  • Create a non-root user with sudo privileges for added security.
  • Implement a robust firewall to protect your server from unauthorized access.
  • Set up the server’s hostname and domain name for identification and accessibility.

Optimizing Your Debian Linux Dedicated Server

To get the most out of your Debian cheap dedicated linux server, consider the following optimizations:Performance Optimization

Enhance server performance by:

  • Installing and configuring a web server, such as Apache or Nginx.
  • Setting up a database server, such as MySQL or PostgreSQL.
  • Implementing a content delivery network (CDN) for faster content distribution.
  • Monitoring resource usage to fine-tune server performance.

Debian Linux Dedicated Server Security

Security is paramount when managing your server:

  • Keep the server and software up to date with the latest security patches.
  • Install a robust firewall and intrusion detection system (IDS) for protection.
  • Enable automatic security updates to address vulnerabilities promptly.
  • Regularly back up your data to safeguard against data loss.

Affordable and Reliable Hosting

Choosing a Debian server for hosting offers a robust, secure, and customizable platform. Optimize performance, prioritize security, and select the best hosting provider for a seamless experience. Whether in a server India or elsewhere, Debian provides excellent hosting at a competitive price.

Suse is one of the Stable, and Performance-oriented OS.


Suse 15 64bit

SUSE Linux Dedicated Server Hosting

Power, Performance, and Reliability

Opting for a Linux dedicated server is crucial for superior control and performance in hosting your website or business services. Among the diverse Linux distributions, SUSE Linux dedicated servers shine with robust features, security, and extensive support. Discover why SUSE Linux stands out and find the best hosting solutions for your needs in this concise guide.

Why Choose SUSE Linux Dedicated Hosting?

SUSE  hosting provides a rock-solid foundation for your hosting environment. Here are some reasons to consider it:

  • Security: SUSE Linux is renowned for its security features, ensuring that your server and data are protected from vulnerabilities.
  • Stability: SUSE Linux offers a stable environment, reducing the risk of server crashes and downtime.
  • Performance: SUSE Linux is optimized for high performance, making it ideal for resource-intensive applications.
  • Support: SUSE Linux comes with excellent technical support and a strong community, ensuring you have assistance when needed.

Choosing the Best SUSE Dedicated Server Hosting

To harness the full potential of SUSE dedicated hosting, it’s essential to select the right hosting provider. Here’s how to find the best SUSE dedicated hosting solution:

  1. Consider your Hosting Needs: Evaluate your specific hosting requirements, including server resources, data center location, and support. This will help you choose a provider that aligns with your needs.
  2. Read Reviews: Research and read reviews of different hosting providers to gauge their performance, reliability, and customer satisfaction.
  3. Compare Pricing: Compare pricing plans from various hosting providers to find a balance between your budget and the level of service you need.
  4. Technical Support: Ensure that the hosting provider offers reliable technical support and assistance in managing your SUSE Linux dedicated server.

Affordable SUSE Linux Dedicated Servers

Unlock the power of a budget-friendly SUSE cheap dedicated server linux! Numerous providers offer affordable hosting plans, ensuring quality without breaking the bank. Discover cost-effective solutions tailored to your hosting needs and budget. Quality meets affordability for an optimal hosting experience

SUSE Linux Dedicated Server Hosting in India

For users in India, having a SUSE Linux dedicated server hosted in the region can lead to lower latency and better performance. Look for hosting providers with data centers in India to ensure optimal server responsiveness.

Exploring SUSE Linux Dedicated Server Prices

SUSE Linux dedicated server prices can vary based on your specific requirements. Typically, factors like server resources, support, and data center location influence the cost. Be sure to review the pricing details and choose a plan that meets your hosting needs while staying within your budget.

Dedicated VPS Linux

An Alternative Option

While we’ve focused on dedicated servers, you may also explore dedicated VPS Linux hosting as a cost-effective alternative. Dedicated VPS hosting provides dedicated resources and greater control compared to shared hosting, making it a popular choice for many users.

Empower Your Hosting with SUSE Linux Dedicated Servers

SUSE Linux dedicated servers deliver optimal power, performance, and reliability for hosting websites, applications, or business services. Whether in India or globally, choose a tailored SUSE Linux dedicated hosting solution to ensure stability and control for your online projects. Experience top-tier hosting aligned with your needs and budget, emphasizing the perfect balance of capabilities.

Dedicated Alma Linux Servers

AlmaLinux is a free and open-source Linux distribution, created originally by CloudLinux.


AlmaLinux 9.1 64bit

AlmaLinux 9.0 64bit

AlmaLinux 8.7 64bit

AlmaLinux Linux Dedicated Server Hosting

Power and Performance

AlmaLinux server dedicated linux are the epitome of reliability and high performance. This guide explores AlmaLinux’s standout features, ideal for top-tier hosting solutions. Discover budget-friendly options and tips to maximize your dedicated Linux hosting server for optimal results.

The Advantages of an AlmaLinux Dedicated Server

Linux dedicated servers, especially those powered by AlmaLinux, offer a myriad of advantages. These include:
Performance: AlmaLinux is known for its speed and stability, making it a top choice for resource-intensive tasks.
Security: AlmaLinux is designed with security in mind, helping to protect your data and applications.
– **Flexibility**: With full root access, you have the freedom to customize your server to meet your unique requirements.

For best Linux dedicated server hosting, choosing AlmaLinux ensures you have access to these features, backed by a community of experts and developers dedicated to keeping the operating system at its best.Finding Affordable Options

While AlmaLinux is renowned for its performance and reliability, it’s also possible to discover cheap Linux dedicated server hosting options that won’t break the bank. By comparing various hosting providers and their pricing structures, you can find the perfect balance between performance and cost.

AlmaLinux Linux Dedicated Server Hosting Features

The best Linux dedicated server hosting providers offer a range of features to optimize your server environment. These may include:
24/7 Support: Ensuring assistance is always available when you need it.
Control Panels: User-friendly interfaces for server management.
Backup and Recovery Options: To safeguard your data.
Scalability: Allowing you to adapt your resources as your needs change.

AlmaLinux Linux Dedicated Server in India

If your operations are based in India, it’s essential to consider the advantages of an AlmaLinux Linux dedicated server in India. Local data centers can provide lower latency and localized support, enhancing the overall performance of your server.

Budget-Friendly Dedicated VPS Linux

While dedicated servers are powerful, dedicated VPS Linux can offer a cost-effective alternative. These servers provide dedicated resources and can be more affordable than full dedicated servers, making them a popular choice for those with budget constraints.

Linux servers are known for their flexibility and affordability, with options ranging from free Linux server solutions to cheap dedicated server options in India.

For businesses requiring dedicated hosting, Linux web hosting offers a reliable and cost-effective solution. Linux servers for sale provide businesses with the opportunity to acquire the resources they need at competitive prices. When it comes to choosing the best Linux server, CentOS servers are often preferred for their stability and performance. Hosting Linux server options cater to businesses seeking reliable hosting solutions with full support for Linux operating systems.

For businesses that require managed services, Linux managed servers provide peace of mind with professional support and maintenance. Ubuntu dedicated server options are popular for their ease of use and extensive community support. Affordable server migration services in India ensure seamless transitions to Linux-based hosting solutions. Some providers even offer free Linux server hosting for businesses with minimal resource requirements.

CentOS dedicated servers are widely used for their compatibility and reliability in enterprise environments. Linux server images provide pre-configured environments for easy deployment and scalability. For businesses requiring Debian-based solutions, dedicated servers Debian options offer stability and security. Linux root servers provide businesses with full control over their hosting environment and configurations. Ubuntu dedicated servers are ideal for businesses seeking a reliable and secure hosting platform with full support for Ubuntu Linux. Managed hosting services for dedicated Linux servers ensure optimal performance and reliability without the hassle of server management.

Linux for server environments offers stability, security, and scalability for businesses of all sizes. Affordable Linux server options make it easy for businesses to get started with their hosting needs without breaking the bank. Dedicated Linux server web hosting provides businesses with exclusive resources for hosting their websites and applications. When reliability is paramount, businesses turn to reliable Linux hosting providers for their hosting needs.

Dedicated root server hosting offers businesses complete control over their hosting environment and configurations. Linux hosting providers offer businesses reliable hosting solutions with full support for Linux operating systems.

Dedicated operating system environments provide businesses with exclusive resources and control over their server configurations. Linux servers for sale offer businesses cost-effective solutions for their hosting needs.

Server Linux options cater to businesses seeking reliable and scalable hosting platforms powered by Linux operating systems. Businesses can even find Linux server for free options, allowing them to explore the capabilities of Linux hosting without cost. Debian dedicated hosting solutions offer stability and security for businesses requiring Debian-based environments.

Linux server pricing varies depending on factors such as server specifications and additional services offered. Some providers even offer free Ubuntu server hosting for businesses with minimal resource requirements. Linux server hosting price options range from affordable to premium, depending on the provider and the level of service offered.

Linux virtual dedicated server solutions provide businesses with the flexibility and scalability of virtualization combined with the performance of dedicated resources. Businesses can easily purchase Linux IP addresses to complement their hosting infrastructure.

Linux server hosting free options are available for businesses with basic hosting needs and limited budgets. When it comes to dedicated server solutions, businesses can buy dedicated server India options tailored to their specific requirements. Linux hosting meaning refers to hosting services powered by the Linux operating system, known for their stability and security. Red Hat dedicated hosting solutions offer enterprise-grade reliability and support for businesses with demanding hosting needs.

For businesses on a budget, dedicated server low price options provide cost-effective solutions without compromising on performance. Managed hosting Linux services relieve businesses from the burden of server management, allowing them to focus on their core operations.

Cheap dedicated IP hosting solutions offer businesses the ability to secure their websites with dedicated IP addresses without breaking the bank. Powerful Linux hosting solutions provide businesses with the performance and reliability they need to support their online presence and applications.

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Flexible Root Access

With the Hosting Home packages, you get a chance to enjoy flexible root-level access over the server and manage it effectively.

DDoS Protection

With the Hosting Home plans, you can alleviate all untimely threats blocking your server with our DDoS shielded protection.

Java Shared Hosting in India
Free Comodo SSL

We make sure that security remains high within the servers. We provide a free Comodo SSL and firewall to enhance website security.

cheap Linux dedicated server
Free Migration

If willing to get hands-on free migration on your Linux dedicated server plan, you can find it at Hosting Home.

Cpanel & whm
WHM Control Panel

We never miss compromising with the control settings. With our plans, you get the latest WHM  cPanel to control server and website settings.

Cheap VPS Hosting in India
ISM Panel

ISM (Integrated Severe management) panel helps to reduce accessibility loss and control website functions.

Linux Dedicated Server

Linux Server Security Features

Suitable for e-commerce stores

When you select a package from Hosting Home, you enjoy the maximum usage of choosing a linux dedicated hosting. If you’re operating an e-commerce store that runs with huge traffic, it’s best to rely on Linux. The websites with sensitive information regarding customers must also pick Linux Server Dedicated for maximum security.

Web application compatibility

Linux turns out to be the perfect match for web-based applications. There are several top-most web servers and sites that are being operated upon indian linux server. With Hosting Home, you’ll get to choose from different linux hosting dedicated server packages filled with exclusive features.

Leading OS Server

Another eye-catching fact about Linux Server is that it falls under the category of leading operating system server. In the present scenario, above 90% of supercomputers are being powered by Linux variants. Also, it has entered into some popular installations for servers turning out to be a superb choice.

Pocket-friendly standard server

Hosting Home aims at delivering the standard version of the Best Linux Dedicated Server Price available in a pocket-friendly range. We have all Linux Server plans covered with extensive features like dedicated IP address, free Let’s Encrypt SSL, WHM control panel, and much more.

Highly pliable

In diverse situations, Linux Dedicated Server Web Hosting turns out to be a highly pliable and customizable option. Usually, a website might demand some languages like MySQL, PHP, or Perl. It is the reason why a Linux Server is suitable for cloud hosting purposes!

Stable option

Linux Dedicated Server comes with higher stability in comparison to other options. With Linux Dedicated Server, you can use it for a long time without any speed-related issues. Also, Linux Server holds a good remark in terms of memory storage too.

Hosting Home Linux Dedicated Server Hosting Service

Buy our Linux dedicated server plans and get your hands on the best customer
support in running your website with huge traffic.

Advanced on-demand assistance

With Hosting Home Web Hosting Service in India, you get advanced ongoing assistance for monitoring and managing your server without any downtime.

Specialist guidance

Our professional team is ready to support you at every stage for Best Dedicated Server in India services such as managing databases, migration, setting servers, and others.

Latest cPanel

With our Linux Dedicated Server, you get to access an enhanced interface for cPanel. This feature helps in easing your website, email, domain, and other resources maintenance.

Highly powered configurations

The power-packed configurations make it easy to support all the workload whether operating an application or a website with huge traffic using the Linux Dedicated Server.

Uninterrupted speed

All our Server are comprised of customized build-up from the latest technology enabling higher pliability for performance upgrade on a timely basis.

Assured 99.9% uptime guarantee

Hosting Home aims to deliver an assured uptime guarantee within all the Linux Dedicated Server packages. It helps you enjoy operating the server with excessive workload and run applications easily.

Hosting Home Free Features and Services
Frequently Asked Questions

What is Dedicated Hosting

Dedicated hosting offers a single business customer exclusive use of an entire server, enhancing security and performance. It’s a budget-friendly option, including cheap dedicated servers, housed in a data center. This web hosting solution provides dedicated hosting linux/windows resources and full control for customization. Choose from options like Windows dedicated servers based on specific needs.

What is the Cost of a Dedicated Server

Dedicated server hosting starts at ₹2699/month, with options like Linux and Windows servers. Choose between managed and semi-managed plans based on your expertise. Affordable options begin at ₹2699/month, and it’s crucial to compare prices and features for the best fit. Consider key factors like Dedicated IP Renewal Price in your decision-making process. Cheap dedicated servers linux

Do you give root server access?

We assure you of 100% root server accessibility. In our server packages, you get the root-accessibility feature as a default one.

Are there any charges for SSL Cerificate?

No! We provide free Let’s Encrypt SSL in your Linux dedicated server package. In terms of security, we never make any compromises.

Does the hosting home team keep monitoring the server?

Our team is active in monitoring your server and ready to solve your problems anytime 24×7. You can feel free to contact our team anytime by email or contact.

Is there any control panel support for linux dedicated server?

With our packages, you get a WHM control panel supported for Linux dedicated server. Once you buy a plan, you get the cPanel automatically.Linux managed hosting

At what time, hosting home provides a ready-to-use server?

We work on framing high-quality and standard servers for our customers. It might take a few minutes to get it ready and provide it to the customer.

What if there’s some issue with the server?

Hosting Home assured providing a quality server with no downtimes. But if there’s any problem, you can contact our team for an immediate solution.

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