terms and policy
terms and policy

Hosting Home Privacy Policy

1.Overview Details

 In the Service terms, it acts as an “agreement” between “CloudLinks Technologies Pvt. Ltd.” (hereinafter referred to as HostingHome.in) and “User.” As and when you start being a client of our services, you agree to accept the terms as per our service agreement.

In the agreement, in-depth information is given regarding the basic terms and conditions applicable when you make use of “Hosting Home Services.” When using services by purchasing from us or using our website to access any service, you accept our terms. Moreover, you also accept all the terms and conditions mentioned specifically for a particular service accessed or purchased from the Hosting Home website.

You accept our terms electronically and this acceptance showcase that the “user” or “you” have understood, read, agreed, and acknowledged our terms and conditions mentioned in the agreement and you are bound to it. Along with the terms, you also agree to accept the policies incorporated within our website like:

  • Privacy Terms
  • Acceptable Usage Terms and Policy

 In our agreement, we have made a mention of certain terms like “our,” “we,” and “us” which refers to Hosting Home. Likewise, other terms like “customer,” “you,” “user,” “your,” and “subscriber” refers to the entity or person who is agreeing with our terms.

Apart from this, any other term used within the agreement would mean according to the Information Technology (IT) Act, 2000. Else, it would be similar to the meaning as per dictionary words. In the agreement, we have not made a mention of anything regarding conferring third or other party benefits.

Hosting Home considering all the factors, might modify or alter the Agreement, and any agreement or policy incorporated within the terms, whenever we feel the need to do so, and all such alterations or updates will come inactive status as and when posted on our website.  The “user” or “you” agree and acknowledge that a) HostingHome.in might come up to you for notifying about such updates or alterations by mentioning it on the website and b) When the “user” or “you” avail of our services or utilizing our site services after the alterations or updates are made implies that you have accepted our updated terms and conditions. If you wish to be out from the revised agreement boundary, stop using our services or continue with our website services.

2.Eligibility Details

If you can come into a legal contract binding as per the law applicable, then you are eligible to use our website or the services available at our site. When you utilize our services as present on our website or our website, you take the warranty of being a) 18 years old and b) or otherwise being in the position to frame a lawful contract as per the law applicable.

When entering within our agreement and acting for any corporate or third-entity, you must keep in mind that you take the warranty to possess a lawful position to tie such entity with our applicable terms mentioned in our agreement, wherein terms like “user,” “you,” “customer,” and “yours” are used for referring such entity. When you acknowledge our agreement or accept it electronically, if HostingHome.in checks out that you are not having any lawful position to tie any such entity, we will not hold any responsibility for the agreement obligations and the “user” itself if liable to bear such obligations, which might include either obligations to pay for charges or others. HostingHome. will not be obligated for any damage or loss that occurred due to our instructions, communication, documents, or notice accepted reasonably by HostingHome. arising from your entity’s representative. If there is some uncertainty regarding such document, notice, communication, or instruction’s authenticity, HostingHome. holds a right (without undertaking any obligation) to demand authentication in an additional way from the user.

Eligibility Details

3.Data loss, Backup and Retention Policy

When you use or avail of our services, the whole risk lies within your hands. HostingHome. is involved in backing up shared hosting services and will provide access to our service related to back-ups to the users. Though HostingHome.in is performing such backups with the sole intention of complying with the administrative duties and we provide “NO GUARANTEE” for such backups. Users are solely responsible to ensure backing up all their content within their devices or any using any backup service from another provider. HostingHome. is not liable to compensate for any data loss, incomplete content, or backup failure in any case when the backup is not done properly or not operating soundly (even when such malfunction is a result of our negligence). Our professional team is working and day in updating our backup service and we provide assurance to put our best efforts into completing your backup in an as accurate manner as possible, but we are not responsible for backup related duty. You must always ensure backing up your content or data in a computer accessed by you or any other server. Hosting Home is not indulged in providing any backup guarantee. As a user, you are bound to hold your data and content responsible and ensure accurate files backups are maintained.

When you create a server system log, a backup for the same is retained with us on the server for about 1 month which you can count from your log creation date. Apart from this, we also use our servers to retain other information but not for a lifetime. We retain your information only for certain tenure. Within this tenure, you can get access to your data from our servers. In this way, we help in maintaining laws compliance and even help ensure backing up in enough manner that might be useful in the future or restored.

In terms of any circumstances arising exceptionally, we won’t be able to provide you assurance regarding the availability of backups within every hour or time. As a user, you agree with us that HostingHome. will not be holding any liability regarding data backup failure or content loss anyhow.

Data loss, Backup and Retention Policy

4.Claims about copyright and trademark

HostingHome.in values supporting IP (Intellectual Property) rights protection. Additionally:

  1. Customers must keep in mind to ensure about no infringement regarding the IP rights or any other person rights, or not using any illegal content to publish when availing of our services or accessing our websites for our hosting solutions within the agreement.
  2. Customer shall acknowledge regarding the infringement or any lawful rights when availing any Reseller based services as HostingHome.in is not responsible for such thing since we do not look after any of our services used by any other entity or Reseller within the agreement.
  3. Until you’re given specific permission to make usage or are bound to a separate term with HostingHome.in, you show an agreement towards no use of any trade name, trademark, logo, or service mark relating to any organization or company in such a manner that might create any confusion about such logo, mark, or names authorized owner.
  4. When given a notice for any violation of IP rights or within the DMCA, HostingHome. holds a right to erase any such content without informing the user via any source, as per the matter. If there’s something serious within the matter or it raises any conflicts with other companies, we possess a right to take action by deleting the content without the user’s permission.

If any user wishes to submit any documents regarding:

  1. a) Any claim on the trademark for mark violation wherein the user is given a registered and valid service or trademark.
  2. b) Any claim on the copyright for any content wherein you have access to copyright, you can consult our team on the address present within the agreed terms.
HostingHome copyright Trademark

5.Norms of Conduct

You must read our norms to know how to use or access our website legally and acceptably that does not breach any terms or make you fall into a troubling situation. You show an acceptance for not publishing, uploading, hosting, updating, sharing, modifying, or transmitting any content or data which comes under the following categories:

  • Relating to a third person or not legal for the user to use, until you get access to do so via written permission from the material’s authorized and legal owner who holds the content copyright;

  • Showcases any harm or hatred towards minors anyhow;

  • Act as a trademark, proprietary right, copyright, or patent infringement;

  • Emerges as any lawful conduct violation within the applicable tenure;

  • Appears to be obscene, abusive, indecent, hostile, annoying, destructive, harassing, decrying, linked with gambling or tax evasion, ethnically questionable, racially objectionable, intruding privacy, or falling in the unlawful category anyhow;

  • Acts as a threat to India’s sovereignty, security, unity, solidarity, or integrity, cordial with other states in foreign, or unacceptably harassing other countries;

  • Work as a misleader for the recipient regarding such information origin or indulges in communicating data or information that falls in the offensive category or threatening;

  • Mimic or impersonate to be someone else;

  • Filled with any code, program, or file created to perform any unauthorized task like destroying or interrupting a computer system for illegal purposes or is filled with programming viruses;

Additionally, you show an acceptance and acknowledgment that:

  1. When you come to our website for using it or accessing any of the services mentioned on our website, or submitting any content, you fall in compliance with the terms applicable within the agreement and all the legal regulations as applicable for the state, national, local, and international framework.

  2. You won’t be storing or harvesting (or grant permission to any third-party for storing or harvesting) any information that is identifiable personally regarding any other user, an entity, or a person without holding any written valid consent, or any content mentioned by a user.

  3. You won’t avail of our services or access our site in such a way (as mentioned by HostingHome. within its full control) which might fall in any of the following categories:

  • Make a promotion for any illegal sort of act or emerges out to be an illegal thing;

  • Is involved in promoting or favouring child exploitation or pornography-related with children;

  • Is involved in promoting or favouring hate crime, animals violence, property violence, hate speed, people violence, or intolerance of any class or religion;

  • Is involved in promoting or favouring unsolicited emails, spam, cracking, hacking, or any malicious activity.

  • Breaches any right to publicity or any user or entity’s privacy, or violates any confidential duty owed by you towards any third-user or entity;

  • Acts as interference between our site services or site operation;

  • Holds any deceptive, false, or unacceptable language, or makes any claims in a comparative or unsubstantiated way towards HostingHome.in site services or HostingHome.in.

  • You show an acceptance to have access to your content back-up so if you lose it you can easily access it from the backup and use it accordingly. Hosting Home is not bound in any warranty to ensure any content or user account backups and you acknowledge the risk associated with your content or account loss.

  • You are bound to not make use of any of the services present within our website, our website, and other technologies relevant to Hosting Home in any way for commercial purpose without consulting HostingHome.in or having access to written permission from us.

  • Have a careful reading of our policy regarding CPU usage.

  • Have a careful reading about our policy regarding emails.

  • Have a careful reading about our policy regarding unlimited hosting service.

HostingHome.in holds a right to make changes, alterations, modifications, or concluding any services present within our website or our website. We hold no obligation regarding any time limit for the same.

  1. in will not wait before terminating your account immediately if found guilty of abusing, retribution threats, or abusive threats in a verbal, written, or physical way for any staff member or employees within our team or any user.

Hosting Home won’t process any refund if a user is found violating any rule as discussed above.


Service Level Agreement

6.Service Level Agreement Terms

HostingHome. aims at providing an excellent standard of service combined with the usage of outstanding procedures compared within the industry. Within the applicable tenure for the agreement, we will be providing you with our services in an active status and you can avail of our services as our “user” or “customer.”

HostingHome. is committed to achieving the goal of providing 99.9% Availability of our  Services to all the potential as well as future clients. If Hosting Home fails or ends up in a situation where it couldn’t achieve the guaranteed service level, we will be adding you to our list to get access to the credits of our service, the credit eligible by a user will be calculated as per the charge of monthly chosen service or the service breached by us.

Though, we are not bound to provide credit to any customer or user within our Service Level Agreement who is facing any of our service availability deficiency or failure due to the following reasons:

  1. Any security-related attacks like hacking or virus attack on our network. It will also include any malicious attacks like DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service);
  2. Maintenance regarding system or any emergency upgrades;
  3. Failure or interruption in the delivery of any emails;
  4. Issues associated with the Domain name registration which are beyond Hosting Home’s control directly like expiring of registry or DNS;
  5. Breaches related to our Service Level Agreement reported to us due to any omissions, errors, or interruption regarding any issues related to measurement;
  6. Any interruption of process or issues arising due to any 3rd person or intermediary failure or rejection of emails;
  7. Any interruption arising over the web might end up breaching your account accessibility to you. Hosting Home holds no obligation towards any DNS or browser-related issues due to which your email or website comes in an inactive status irrespective of others able to access or use it;
  8. Any circumstance or situation arising which is not in the hands of Hosting Home or lies outside our team’s control, like acts of sabotage conflict between armed forces, flood, war, government, insurrection, labour issue, embargo, transportation delays, telecommunication delay, third party interruption, eCommerce system. In all these issues, we are not bound to make you eligible for any credit but it is not only limited to this.
  9. Any act or omission occurred due to negligence of coding like Perl, CGI, HTML, ASP, or others, misconduct, or breaching any terms mentioned within our agreement.

If you want to be eligible to get credit from us, you must do so by requesting our team members of CRM by accessing our website Escalation. In every request made by the user or customer to our team related to any SLA, one must not forget to mention some details like date, time, domain, username, and customer details.

Our team will be able to access credit-related requests in 30 days (only working ones) when any service is unavailable or not inactive status. If Hosting Home makes a confirmation for any such unavailability, the customer will receive credit in his or her relevant account within 30 days (working ones) by Hosting Home.

7.Third-Party Connections

When you use our website, you might come across our services or websites linked with an outside party or third-party which are beyond Hosting Home control or for which we don’t possess any ownership. For any such websites, Hosting Home is not responsible or holds any duty regarding the policies, terms, information, practices, or content used within the websites.

Additionally, Hosting Home is not involved in any such activity as editing or censoring any data or content belonging to a third-party entity or website. When you access our website or avail of any services from our website, you make Hosting Home free from any liability occurring due to any third-party entity or website used by you. However, Hosting Home recommends customers be well-equipped with our website before leaving our website or our services and have a look at our policies, terms and conditions, documents, and others for any other entity’s website you might look for.

  1. Prohibition on Virtual Private Network or VPN

With the rising regulations and contents showing up against Virtual Private Network’s usage, we have a strict prohibition on using our services or servers from us in any case involving Virtual Private Network. If Hosting Home get notified or holds information regarding any customer accessing our plans or services to start operating VPNs, we hold the right to move ahead with the step to terminate or suspend the customer’s servers or accounts with no refund.

  1. Registration of Domain:

 As a client, you hold the sole responsibility to ensure the successful verification of domain registration. It might be in any rare condition or an unfortunate case that the registration of a domain fails due to an error in the network, technical issue, or software failure. If you face any such issue when completing the registration of the domain, you must consult Hosting Home within 7 days (working ones). You must reach out to our support staff with the issuance of a ticket to our support staff to do all the rectification for any such problem.

Hosting Home is not bound with any liability regarding domain loss failure occurring due to any information entered by you which is insufficient, incorrect, or invalid, any faults in the technical network, payment delays, or others that do not fall under our direct hands.

  1. No benefits for third-party:

 In our agreement, we have made no mention of any such thing which might be considered to make a third party in a position to hold any benefits or rights from us.

  1. Administrative Control:

Hosting Home holds a right to make changes to a website or server’s password by resetting it, in any case, when the password for the file does not stand in the current status to move ahead with our security editions or audits to be submitted to our authorities or data heads. As a client, he or she is bound with the duty to keep an eye on whether the server’s email address and password present for the file is valid or not to eliminate any downtime cases due to resets made in a password in a forced manner. Hosting Home holds the control to perform audits within the servers as per the requirement and operate by taking administrative steps as per the situation. When Hosting Home encounters any serious condition, we will make modifications, access, or perform the relevant action upon the clients’ server or website with no prior permission from them.

  1. Spamming Not Allowed:

Being active in any activity that involves sending commercial or unsolicited emails or bulk messages on the web is considered to be spamming. Due to the harmful effects of spamming on consumers regarding Hosting Home and the negative effect of it overloading our network and interrupting with our subscriber’s servicers, Hosting Home prohibits any such activity. Additionally, we have a strict prohibition on the maintenance of an SMTP open relay. When a customer is found indulging in any such activity, we offer no refunds for such accounts.

  1. Local Regulations and Laws Compliance

 Hosting Home is not making any warranty regarding the acceptance or appropriateness of the information or data mentioned on our website or our services present on our site within every jurisdiction and country. Hosting Home is not indulged in making any representation stating that our services or website accessibility are open in the jurisdictions or countries wherein legal prohibitions are imposed on our content. Any user or customer who is interested in availing of our services or accessing our website must know that they hold the responsibility to have compliance with the local regulations, rules, and laws.

14.Additional Rights

Hosting Home holds the right to suspend, transfer registration or domain name, cancel domain name registration, modify, terminate, lock, access, or deny giving accessibility control of any services or account due to any reasons considered by Hosting Home within its sole power, which might include with no limitation as follows:

  1. Compliance with any process involving dispute resolution;
  2. Compliance with any rules, regulations, or laws as applicable nationally, internationally, locally, or state-wise;
  3. Assistance with any efforts involving the detection of fraud, abuse, or prevention;
  4. Neglecting any criminal or civil liability falling under Hosting Home’s portion, including, its employees, directors, affiliates, officers, and agents;
  5. Making any corrections for any failures that occurred in delivering or offering any of our services like registration of domain name by Hosting Home;
  6. Safeguarding any legal law or rule with no careful attention on considering the determined status of any such law or rule falling out or in the merit circle;
  7. Compliance with any law enforcement requests like requests made for subpoenas; or
  8. Correcting any errors that occurred due to the registry department of the domain name.

Hosting Home holds the right to conduct an Account review to look for additional bandwidth and space, and charge any additional payment or terminate any Accounts which have exceeded their limits.

Hosting Home might take any action like suspending or terminating a customer’s account in case he or she fails to make payment for the pending amounts left in invoices with their details.

  1. Changes in Pricing Range:

Hosting Home holds the right to make any changes within the pricing range and make an increment or decrement on the payable amount application on the plans without any time constraint at any point by issuing or not issuing any notice in advance.

Every account present on our website might be holding a license as approved by a TPSV (Third Party Services Vendor) operating independently. As a customer or user, you agree with Hosting Home to not hold any responsibility regarding changing price range as issued from TPSV and agree with the fact that any modification or changes made within the price range apply to the user from the very moment when accessing our services in an action plan.

Hosting Home does not hold any obligation or can’t be held accountable towards any agreements, disputes, or transactions occurring between the TPSV and user. In any case of a dispute occurring with TPSV, the user makes Hosting Home (all the members of Hosting Home including directors, employees, agents, and officers) free from any damage, loss, claim, or any other occurring due to any reason, whether identified or not, presented or not presented, determined or not determined, occurring due to or because of any disputes connected.

  1. Renewal of Domain:

From our efforts, we make sure to make a release notification clarifying the requirement for the renewal of the domain. In any case or circumstance, the user can’t make Hosting Home responsible or liable for any failure occurring in domain renewal or lack of information notifying the user about the renewal requirement. As our client or user, he or she holds the sole responsibility to perform domain renewal verification and check whether it is successful or failed to process. It will only be in the rare scenario that the renewal of the domain is not completed or failed due to network-related issues or software problems or other reasons related to technical errors. When you face or incur any error or problem in completing your domain renewal process, you must consult our support staff or Hosting Home in 7 days (working ones). You can contact our support team via our live chat option or issue a ticket for the same. Hosting Home is not standing in any liable position regarding the domain registration failure to move ahead for renewal for any reasons like wrong credentials or incorrect email address presented to us, paying with too many delays, any faults in the technical network, or others that don’t fall in our controlling power.

  1. Protection and Security:

As our user or customer, you ensure us with an agreement to defend, protect, safeguard, indemnify, and held Hosting Home (and all its members including agents, directors, employees, and officers) in a harmless position free from any costs, losses, demands, damages, expenses, claims, liabilities, or other charges, irrespective of the nature (like any charges for attorneys) which are made on Hosting Home in any form whether at first hand or in another way due to the following reasons:

  1. Customer’s access to our services or our website;
  2. Customer’s act of any violation against any policy or provision as mentioned within the agreement or incorporated within the terms; or
  3. Customer’s act of violation against any right belonging to a third-party, which might include but not be restricted to IP rights or other rights. Within the section, only the obligations mentioned will be eligible to stand inactive status from any expiration or termination of any terms present within the agreements or accessing our services or website.

Within every account created on or by Hosting Home, we have provided full-proof licenses from a reliable TPSV (Third Party Services Vendor) operating as an independent entity. In case of any actions taken by TPSV, failure in providing any services, any network malfunction, or no immediate response from the entity, Hosting Home will not stand accountable for the same.

21.Agreement Headings and Titles

Within the agreement, a mention of several headings and titles is given. All such mention is done for ensuring ease of readability and understandability of the audience and gives a convenient reference to the potential or existing customers. One must not use any of the mentioned headings or titles in a way to interpret the agreement apart from the discussed or given information.

  1. Independent Contracts

In the agreement, a mention of certain contracts and agreements is given. All such contracts must be interpreted in a way as independent and free from any other constraints, irrespective of the purpose. In any case, a provision or a provision’s section is held in the invalid or illegal status by the court of jurisdiction, all other sections or provisions of other provisions will not be affected by this and shall stand in the section of valid content or stand lawful.

  1. Customer Duties or Responsibilities

As a user, customer, or subscriber to our services or our website usage, one stands responsible to show compliance with the obligations, terms, laws, and rules applicable to the used services. Additionally, one stands responsible for the safety and security of the website, server data, content, files, images, or others credentials present within the user’s account. As a user, one must know about his or her responsibility towards maintenance of their account content backup and clearing any files that contain virus, malicious, or malware threats.

As a user, one stands in a responsible position the account security and maintaining the safety of the content too. Along with this, content backup maintenance is not Hosting Home’s responsibility and users must do it on a timely basis to avoid facing any data loss issues. As a user or customer, one must show compliance with all the laws and rules applicable to the usage of our website or our services. Securing account login credentials like username address and password is only the user’s responsibility. Hosting Home is not liable for any problems arising due to hacking or malware attacks on your account.

  1. Terms of Payment

Any user or subscriber acknowledges or shows agreement towards payment for all the charges applicable related to the services actively present when beginning with the registration or renewal of account at our website, by the terms mentioned within our agreement. Our customer or user shows an agreement for being active in maintaining or updating all the information regarding billing details, email details, and other details for contact. As a subscriber or user, one stands in a responsible state regarding verification of all the details presented to us, ensuring that all the details are valid for a smooth billing process and services continuity.

In our payments terms, one should have a detailed look at the following things to ensure a smooth process when availing of our services or accessing our website:

18.Lawful Proceedings

When Hosting Home stands in a position to bear the lawful proceedings charged based on performing the hosting operations for the user’s server, email, website, or files, the user must acknowledge or agree with the fact that he or she will be liable to reimburse or make a payment to Hosting Home the entire amount which might include business loss cost, lawyer charges, inconvenience cost, court charges, transportation charges, and others which are incurred to perform the proceedings or expenses incurred due to such proceedings wherein the user’s account is involved.

  1. Terms for Account Termination and Content Monitoring

Hosting Home is not liable to perform any content pre-screening (uploaded on the website or any other site wherein Hosting Home is the host). Though, we hold a right to do so but are not liable to any such duty as a mandatory one and decide for the content or information uploaded compliance with our terms as mentioned within the agreement and whether it is appropriate or not. We might take an action to remove any content or information posted on our website or any other website which Hosting Home’s team is hosting or terminate any customer from accessing or using our website or our services in case of publishing or posting any content or information which goes against our agreement terms or stands in violation for the same. Hosting Home holds the right to even deactivate any user’s accessibility to our website or services when any violating activity is detected without giving any prior information for the same. We might take up such an action irrespective of time. If Hosting Home comes to notice any user who is indulged in offending our terms constantly, Hosting Home will take strict actions or might terminate the customer’s accessibility on our services or our website. In case, a user’s access is terminated on our website or for our services, Hosting Home within the full discretion and power might delete or erase any information or content presented by the user o the hosted server or website.

  1. Liability’s Limitation

In no case or circumstance, Hosting Home (and all its members including agents, directors, officers, or employees) is held liable or responsible to the user or other entity regarding any damage that occurred indirectly, directly, as an incident, punitive loss, or special damage, which might include as an outcome of the following situations:

  1. Website information, credibility, or completeness;
  2. Any website’s information, credibility, or completeness (including the website linked with Hosting Home’s website via advertisement, hyperlink, or others);
  3. Bugs, Security viruses, Trojan horses, worms, or other threats, present on the website or other website linked with Hosting Home via advertisement, hyperlink, or another medium that entered via other website or another source;
  4. Any misconduct or unacceptable activity performed by a third-party entity due to any reason;
  5. Any information which is not lawful or stands in contradictory contents like abusive, minor attack, degrading any protected section of society, defamatory, obscene, harassing, porn-related, or unacceptable in any form;
  6. Any services mentioned within Hosting Home’s website or other websites linked with Hosting Home via advertisement, hyperlink, or another medium;
  7. Damage to any property, injury-related, or any other form irrespective of the nature;
  8. Damage, failure, or loss of anything occurred due to the usability of Hosting Home’s services or website, which might be related to tort, legal theory, equitable policy, contract, warranty, guarantee, or others, even if Hosting Home was aware of the possibility of the damages or not;
  9. Any failure of service operation or interruption occurred within the services offered by our website or any other website linked with Hosting Home via advertisement, hyperlink, or other media; and/or
  10. Unauthorized usage or accessibility of Hosting Home servers.

Moreover, a user or subscriber shows acknowledgment and agreement that any circumstance or scenario created due to or by our website or our services will begin after a year once accruement for the same event is completed, or else, such circumstance or scenario will be barred permanently. Also, the same agreement and acknowledgment apply to the user or subscriber that Hosting Home’s aggregate total of liability will not exceed or go beyond the total paid amount by the user to avail any service which stands in the action’s subject, in no case.

The liability’s limitation applies to 100% extent as per lawful permission and is tough to break against agreement expiration or termination.

24.Terms of Payment

Any user or subscriber acknowledges or shows agreement towards payment for all the charges applicable related to the services actively present when beginning with the registration or renewal of account at our website, by the terms mentioned within our agreement. Our customer or user shows an agreement for being active in maintaining or updating all the information regarding billing details, email details, and other details for contact. As a subscriber or user, one stands in a responsible state regarding verification of all the details presented to us, ensuring that all the details are valid for a smooth billing process and services continuity.

In our payments terms, one should have a detailed look at the following things to ensure a smooth process when availing of our services or accessing our website:

  1. Account Automatic Renewal: Hosting Home performs automatic renewals for your account to help you enjoy a smooth process but we do not stand in any obligatory position to do the same. We are not bound in any contract or other constraint to perform your account renewal. We do so before your account’s expiration date to ensure your hosting server remains active. We will perform the renewal for your account for the same period as purchased by you on the charges applicable to the selected plan upon your payment mode chosen for the prior payments. If you maintain a plan of qualifying nature with us, then only you are eligible to avail of the voucher for registering the domain and it applies only till the same period.
  2. Domain or domains Automatic Renewal: Hosting Home performs automatic renewals for your domain or domains to help you enjoy a hassle-free operation but we do not stand in any reliable or obligatory position to do the same. We are not bound in any contract or other constraint to perform your domain renewal. We do so before your domain’s expiration date to ensure your hosting server remains active. We perform the renewal if you have registered your domain with Hosting Home or our affiliates. The renewal process will be completed automatically by Hosting Home based on the applicable fee for the plan selected beforehand and according to the payment mode chosen for the prior payment. As a user or subscriber, one makes a confirmation and acknowledgment that Hosting Home’s duty to perform the domain registration renewal fully belongs to the user’s responsibility bag and is not a sole duty of Hosting Home in any way, whether via a contract or other. User makes Hosting Home free from any responsibility or obligation in case of domain automatic renewal failure due to any reason for renewing user’s account or domain. As a user, one must have an acknowledgment that the failure might be due to any reason that Hosting Home was not in a position to renew the user’s domain or account, which might include Hosting Home’s inability to do so, that might be due to any cause, not used the same payment mode as chosen by the user in prior payment, failure of contact from the user, or subscriber’s failure to submit a response at the mentioned email. As a user, one is aware of the fact that the domain or account will stand in an expiry status when the said domain or account is not gone through the renewal process or is renewed before the expiry date as per the plan. In the circumstance when a domain stands in an expired status, Hosting Home will be taking up the domain for maximum 3-days to ensure a smooth user experience but this doesn’t count in the obligatory duties of Hosting Home, in any way. Once the time gap of 3-days is expired, the user’s domain will be moved further to Redemption. Within the period of redemption, the domain will not be present in an accessible status and will not be present for registration on any other source. If you want to take your domain out from the redemption period, you would require paying the charges applicable on redemption along with the current renewal fees. You can’t use any vouchers available for domain registration to clear the redemption charges.
  3. Automatic Domain or Account Renewal Cancellation: As our customer or subscriber, one shows an agreement to make Hosting Home aware of the fact that the customer wishes to discontinue the automatic domain or account renewal service. For the same, the customer must take action before the expiry date of the domain or account in advance of 16 days (working ones), by conveying to Hosting Home for Automatic Domain or Account Renewal Cancellation Notification, as per the terms applicable to it, by contacting our team via phone or email address. In the cancellation request, the user must verify the account or domain ownership as given by Hosting Home.
  4. Section of Nonrefundable payments: Any fees or charges paid by the user related to buying a domain name, domain privacy, or SSL certification are considered nonrefundable, and Hosting Home will not process any refund for the same in any circumstance or situation.
  5. Cancellation Period: If you wish to discontinue any of our services, you can do so by canceling it. For this purpose, make sure to cancel the service before the account automatic renewal or you can do so after that too. We will not initiate any refund amount for the paid charges.
  6. Cancellation Notice: When you wish to cancel any of our services, you need to consult us by sending a request for the cancellation. For this purpose, it is convenient to do so by consulting us via email address. In your request for cancellation, you must mention your account ownership details to verify the account or domain belongs to you, as given by Hosting Home. You must also show confirmation regarding the fact that all the data, files, and emails are safely preserved and a backup for the same is maintained on a server different from Hosting Home’s servers.
  7. Money-Back 30-days Policy: When you avail of our services, we offer you a money-back policy for 30-days. The refund amount will be initiated to the respective account in credit form.

For availing of the refund, you must know the payments methods that come under the non-refundable category as discussed below:

  • Cheque
  • BWT (Bank Wire Transfer)
  • Money Order
  • WUP (Western Union Payment)

We do not offer any money-back for registration of a domain; services included domain stuff, installation charges, and charges taken for administrative purposes. For refund eligibility, we only consider the accounts created for 1st time. For instance, you created a hosting account at our website but canceled the same and later signed up using the same details again. In such a case, you will not stand in the refund eligibility position. In case, you have created another account apart from your first account on our platform, we won’t offer any refunds for the second hosting account. The refunds are applicable in case any issue related to technical terms is faced by the user when availing or using our services. When any of our services is terminated or suspended for a user, we don’t offer a refund for the same. In your refund request, you must make a mention of the technical error that occurred within your service usability period. If you initiate a refund request after the tenure of 30-days, we will not be in a position to initiate a refund for the same. We don’t offer refunds for any plans subscribed to us on monthly basis. If a user has hosted any content that falls in the illegal category like copyrighted video or files, we will not move ahead with the refund request. Hosting Home holds a strict prohibition on hosting contents in any illegal manner with no copyright permission. In case, service accessibility is terminated by Hosting Home due to email misuse, unacceptable usage, overusing, illegal act, and others falling in the similar category, we will not move ahead with the refund request.

  1. User Grievance Support

Hosting Home is here to handle and resolve all our user grievances and provide full support for them. Whether you are a registered user or don’t register with us, we will be supporting all your grievances linked with our website data or other things relevant to our website within a certain period. For this support, the Hosting Home team is available to serve you with grievance support.

30 days money back

26.Disclaimer on Warranties and Others

As a user, you show an agreement and acknowledgment towards using our website or any service present on our website by holding the complete risk in your hands. Hosting Home (with all its agents, directors, members, employees, and officers) disclaims any statutory, implied, express, but not limited to, or including warranties. We wish the whole team are not giving any warranty or representing:

  1. Website content accuracy and fullness,
  2. Any other website Content accuracy and fullness linked with Hosting Home via advertising, hyperlinks, or others, and
  3. Website services or any website services linked with Hosting Home via advertising, hyperlinks, or others, with Hosting Home holding not standing in any liable position for it.

    Moreover, you show an agreement and acknowledgment that any information posted by Hosing Home (or its employees, agents, members, officers, and directors) in any form (whether written or oral) will:

    1. Form legal advice,
    2. Act as a financial guideline, or
    3. Act as a warranty or anything like this by the website or services present on the website, and customers must not follow or depend on such details.
      1. Account Credentials

      If you want to use our site features or access our available services from our website, you can go ahead by creating your account with us in the first step. In the same process, you accept to give a warrant to Hosting Home and acknowledge that every single detail entered by you in your account creation process is valid, true, and complete. You also represent that any information you add to your account further will be valid, true, and complete. When there is some case noticed by Hosting Home that any of your detail or credentials entered by you is invalid, incomplete, or false, Hosting Home in its full authority holds the power or right to take any action for terminating or suspending the account created by you. As the account owner, you hold the sole duty for any operation or activity that occurred within the account, like password, customer login details, payment mode, number, and much more. We aim to deliver you a highly secured account and recommend you make an update to your password within 5-6 months per account created on Hosting Home. If you experience any security issues or your account is accessed in an unauthorized way, you need to consult Hosting Home and let us know the same immediately. Hosting Home does not hold any liability regarding any type of loss that occurred if any because of your account being accessed or used in an unauthorized way.

      For accessing some elements from the site or making usage of available administrations, it is good to start by maintaining a record for the same. As a user, you show a warranty and acknowledgment towards Hosting Home that every detail shared by you in the record is accurate, valid, and true and you will also put your efforts into completing the data whenever necessary.


      Hosting Home shall not be responsible for any damages your business may suffer. We make no warranties of any kind, expressed or implied for the services we provide. HostingHome disclaims any warranty or merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose. This includes loss of data resulting from delays, no deliveries, wrong delivery, and any and all service interruptions caused by Hostinghome and its employees.

      Disclosure to law enforcement

      HostingHome may disclose any subscriber information to law enforcement agencies without further consent or notification to the subscriber upon lawful request from such agencies. We will cooperate fully with law enforcement agencies.

      Changes to the TOS

      Hosting Home reserves the right to revise its policies at any time without notice.

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