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HostingHome Privacy Policy

  1. Brief Introduction: guarantees a high degree of privacy and data security when providing customers such as subscribers and clients (whether, “user(s),” or “You”) with the standard services and products.

We consider customer security and privacy of vital importance at Hosting Home. Our team commits to safeguard information or data shared by the customers.

In our Privacy Policy, words like “CloudLinks Technologies Pvt. Ltd.” (hereinafter referred to as” “our,” “we,” or “us,” represents Hosting Home that is the sole authority to safeguard all the personal data or information shared by the client as per the Privacy Policy terms under “Data Regulator and Controller.”

In our Privacy Policy, Hosting Home explains the way of processing information indulged in identifying any personal data or individual by direct or indirect means within our website, our mobile-based app (“Platform” or “Applications), our terms of service (“Service”), and our forums.

If you’ve any queries related to the Privacy Policy terms or want to make any request for data processing, drop an email to us at [email protected].

  1. General Data Privacy Principles:

Hosting Home will rely on general data privacy principles to process all the information or data shared with us. These principles include:

Transparent, lawful, and fair-minded method of data processing as per the subject of data (transparent, legal, and fair);

Make sure all the personal information shared is accurate and up-to-date;

Consider processing information assuring requisite data security norms, such as protecting against any unlawful act or loss by accident, damage, or destruction, with adequate measures both organizationally and technically.

Minimizing the data and storing only the relevant data required for processing purposes.

Store, gather, and process user(s) information only for legal, specific, or explicit purposes and no processing wherein data is shared illegally.

All the data shared by user(s) at the Hosting home is under a strict Privacy Policy. We store all the information with security and only the authorized staff access it.


Information collected

How we use your information?

Job applicant information

Information regarding our users and visitors of our services or websites

Direct offers for marketing

Other options for user information usage

Data Collection Sources

User Interface Deletion and Retention

Third-Party Services and information transfer:

Terms of Security

Right of users

Policy Acceptance

Contact Information

Policy Application

Changes or Amendments

Additional Information

  1. Information collected
  • Information shared by user(s)

In this, all such information included is necessary for using Hosting Home services and our platform.

When you use the Hosting Home platform and services, we gather some information regarding the user(s). It is necessary to collect such information for ensuring a proper performance as per the agreement between the user(s) and our company and compliance under legal rules. If you fail to submit any such information or decide to delete your account or objection against data processing might lead to your account de-activation at the Hosting home platform.

  • Information for signing up for a new account: When you want to use our services, you need to sign-up for a new account on our platform. For this purpose, we might need some information from the user(s) including email address and account password. In some cases, we might ask the user(s) to give us details related to first name, last name, contact number, identity verification. It is necessary to gather all such information when a new user applied for domain name registration.
  • Information for login purpose: In this, we collect some information to add to your account.
  • Verification of identity: Before any new domain name registration, it is mandatory to comply with the legal rules and regulations. In this context, Hosting Home might ask the user(s) to provide information regarding “identity verification” including Aadhar card, PAN card, passport, or driving license.
  • Payment details: If you want to place an order or start using Hosting Home web hosting services, you might need to provide financial details regarding payment processing facilitation. We rely on using a safe and secure payment gateway and don’t store any sensitive information such as credit or debit card details on our network. We may store information regarding the user’s payment status.
  • The message, chat, or communication: Whenever a user holds a conversation with the Hosting home for any queries, we might gather the communication information and any such detail you share with us. To provide you with a solution or address your account-related issue, we might use your information in your account at the Hosting Home platform (such as the history of purchase and others).
  • Information of job applicants: If you apply to any of our recruitment position, we might gather your shared details. If you want to know more about it, see below in Section 5.
  • Our clients and website visitors: We might also gather data regarding our website visitors and clients only for our user(s) support.

When adding any update, information, doing a search, or filling a form in your Hosting Home account, filling the survey, posting forums, promotional activity, or other features on our platform, you can consider sharing it with us. We recommend not to share any information that you consider sensitive and don’t want to disclose publicly at Hosting Home. If you’re posting any update or uploading anything on Hosting Homesite, or disclose it by other means while using our services, you’re solely liable to any information sharing risk.


Most often, users need to consider a few things regarding your information security:

  • Don’t use your address, identification number, name, contact number, DOB, email address, card details, bank account details, or other sensitive information in request subject or as a name used for any file;
  • Don’t use any personal details like card number, financial data, family information, health details, or any other in any request or query when sending an email or communicating with our team; and
  • Ensure that you share all the information required for submitting your request, letter, or inquiry.

Right to erase or delete information

A user may delete, edit, or erase their contact information by changing account settings. If you want to de-activate your account, you need to consult us at [email protected].

3.2 Information collected when the user(s) accessing our platform

When a user starts accessing our platform or reaches up by any communication mode, we might store data related to personal credentials, your useable services, and your manner of using it. It is beneficial to store such information to learn about the performance. It is for a legitimate reason as wish to enhance our platform as per customer requirements.

Data collected automatically:

  • Device details: When you start using our platform or access it, device details and log data are collected automatically, even if you’re logged-out or not having an account. It includes details like type of browser, IP address, ISP (Internet Service Protocol), operating system, clickstream data, and so on.
  • Cookies: Without any doubt, we use cookies and other technologies for tracking. All the device information is also stored automatically.
  • Interactions: We are familiar with the “Google Analytics tool” and use it for information such as user interaction with our site.

We process user(s) information shared with us by complying with the legal guidelines based on:

  • User(s) consent showed voluntarily by submitting any personal credentials or filling any information in the forms available for sign-up, sending an email, or sharing in the query window, and so on;
  • Any conclusion or performance emerging out of contractual obligation and arrangement between the user(s) and Hosting Home;
  • Comply to the legal guidelines subjected to Hosting Home.

  1. Third-Party Services and information transfer:

In the process of gathering user personal credentials, we might transfer the information with other third-party services.

11.1 Availing user consent

Any user credential will be shared only after availing user consent with the third-party such as individuals exterior to our companies, organizations, or other companies.

11.2 Personal credentials processing

  • Personal credentials of a user might be collected and processed by Hosting Home and our affiliates in our applicable location(s) and jurisdictions as per the delivery necessary for our products or services and/or if there’s any lawful requirement (look below for further details).
  • Information shared by the job applicants will be collected and processed by Hosting Home in our applicable location(s) and will be under a secure “cloud storage” available from the third-party services.
  • Hosting Home ensures providing shielded protection for our clients and users’ details and information.
  • Hosting Home service providers and affiliates (including third-party information servers, information centers, website analysis, direct marketing services, online traffic analysis, messengers, administrative services, mailers, statistics, website design, and others), indulged in storing or processing information on our behalf aims at maintaining the security, applicable as per industrial norms and standards, irrespective of any lawful requirement not much higher applicable with the jurisdiction.
  • Identification and registration information for Domain name is provided to the third-party services by complying with the legal rules.

Our team might indulge in sharing any information identified as non-personal with the public and our publishers, partners, or advertisers. For instance, we are sharing user information in front of the public to represent our platform’s usage trends.

If there’s any merging, sale, acquisition, or reorganization decision made by us, we won’t break user information confidentiality and provide all the users with the necessary details by notifying them.

We ensure that all the information will be shared as per the requirement terms only and remain under full-security and protection.

Information sharing with the legal authorities: In some situations, Hosting Home might be asked to share user information for any lawful requirement made by a competent authority or any public authority, when it is necessary as per the national applicable laws, and where local laws for protection are permitted.

11.3 Marketing and Advertising tools:

We use different marketing and advertising tools. You should check all the terms in our privacy policy to know about it.

11.4 Features applicable for Social Media

In our Services, we have some features applicable to social media. For sharing or signing-in, you can look for different features with our site. In these features, it might collect your IP address, visiting page, or enable a cookie. Our services or third-party services host the features applicable to social media. Any interaction with the third-party features for social media comes under their policies.

11.5 Legal obligation to disclose or use user information

Any user information or data shared by us to any public or state authority without consulting the user or seeking permission, in case we hold a legal notification to do so, for defending your applicable right with a lawful step, along with other cases, wherein we believe that it is in good interest to disclose or share user data and information as a necessary measure for any regulatory law, new legal process, or any request from the government, applicable service terms, such as any violation investigation, reveal any fraud for address, technical or security issues.

11.6 Any other details

Our team might use your personal information in a manner other than the above-mentioned, with your consent explicitly under our legal obligation.

If you’re concerned about our security terms, drop your query on our email at [email protected].

  1. Terms of Security:

Hosting Home has framed the terms of security to safeguard any information or personal credentials shared by the users with the implementation of security measures:

  • Procedural measures
  • Physical measures
  • Electronic measures

Apart from this, we make sure that users get a secured HTTPS accessibility feature for most of our products or services. We keep a close monitor on unexpected attacks, security breaches, or vulnerabilities regularly and implement new measures and services linked with Third-Party for security enhancement and visitors’ privacy protection.

Irrespective of Hosting Home’s determined efforts and measures, we do not offer a guarantee over your personal credentials safety and protection for any other content uploaded by you, shared or published on our site or any other.

We recommend users frame a set of passwords with strong characters to protect their account and not share any sensitive user information that you consider must not be disclosed to anyone as it might result in any substantial harm.

If you want to clear your doubts about our terms of security, you’re most welcome to consult at [email protected].

Privacy Policy
  1. How we use your information?

We consider combining, storing, using, and processing customer information (along with the personal details), regarding you to give you a brief outline, develop, and understand about Hosting Home, build a safer platform with the compliance of legal guidelines.

  • Identification purpose: A user’s credentials are collected for “user identification” purposes. Also, all such details might be useful for supporting users, make them alert about new improvements and updates, revealing the changes in usage terms and policy with other relevant details.
  • Build a trusted network: We conduct an authentication or verification process on the information available such as email address, contact number, and ID number. We also gather all the client information to enhance security and prevent any cases of fraud, security threat, spam, or other unauthorized activities.
  • Market analysis and research purpose: Another reason might be for market analysis and research or framing statistical data to run a business. For our service improvement, we use non-personal customer information helping us understand customer choices, preferences, trends, and other factors.
  • Maintain a connection: We consider using all the data and information regarding devices, usage of data, and OS to investigate any errors in the servers, platform administration, adoption of other versions for the operating system, understand user characteristics to optimized services according to user requirements, enhance browsing process, and ensure a good customer experience.
  • Market customization: It might be helpful for us to provide customized services or products, we rely on analyzing data as per the customer information available with us, or user interactions with our platform.
  • Messaging: Hosting Home might also consider storing user(s) information for sending messages regarding our service and bills. Suppose, if any service is not working and under maintenance or repairs, we might inform you with a notice about it by communication means. Send a reply for your email; ticket; warnings for payments due; reminders for late payments; subscription offers; any complaints about your plan; or service terms alteration. It is essential to maintain user(s) communication and we don’t provide customers with any opt-out option to neglect such messages until you’re a part of our services.
  • User contact: If there’s an issue with your account, we need to notify you of the same. To make you informed about our new improvements or updates in our services, or as required to contact the user(s) for “agreement” purposes, we might use your contact details to communicate with you.
  • Enhancing services: We might need to contact you to provide or operate any services available by the user(s).
  • Security purposes: For security enhancement related to user(s) information and prevent any illegal acts.
  • Lawful compliance: Contact might be necessary for ensuring lawful compliance with the rules and regulations.

  1. Job applicant information

Hosting Home gives a warm welcome to all the applicants who qualified after applying to our positions opened for a job on our career page, by emailing their information and CV to us.

We know the value of job applicant information and ensure that privacy is maintained at a strict level and we commit to keep it private without disclosing irrelevantly. Hosting Home might use this information within the internal group and company for the recruitment process.

  1. Information regarding our users and visitors of our services or websites

We might gather all the information regarding users and visitors of our websites and services and store it, on the direction and sole behalf of users. All our users get an option to manage their information such as personal credentials using the site. Further, Hosting Home store all such information safely. In such cases, considering data protection as a prime aspect, Hosting home might in some cases, as per the Service Terms, be considered as an “information processing authority” for such data related to our users and visitors on our website.

Hosting Home doesn’t hold any relationship with individual users and website visitors whose information is shared on our site.

If you want to get the detailed information regarding the agreement for information processing, have a look at our “Terms of Service.”

  1. Direct offers for marketing

When you become a part of us, you get a free option to switch off receiving our offers either by email or phone under your settings. We use your contact information and your choices for marketing our offers directly by dropping a mail or other means.

In our marketing offers, it depends upon your choices, or according to the information provided by you (including social media information, history of purchase, location, and so on) or gathered by us from different sources like:

User right to objection:

If you want to make any changes in receiving our direct marketing offers, you can do it easily anytime you wish as per the instructions to opt-out or unsubscribe to receive any emails.

You can easily switch out of the newsletters from us anytime as per your wish. In the newsletter under your email, you will get an option to opt-out for it.

At any point, you can show an objection to get any offers of information by consulting our [email protected] team, or by changing your settings.

  1. Other options for user information usage


  • Platform development: We might use your information such as feedback for research purposes and further platform development to enhance user experience with an intuitive platform.
  • Support team: We might use your information to provide you with solutions for any problem. Our team might use your information wherein your communication is present to undergo an investigation and respond ahead to solve any complaints (such as technical issues or bugs).
  • Generate insights: We might require your information to generate insights. Such insights are produced using your information but that doesn’t reveal your identity.
  • Investigation and Security purpose: We might use your information for security purposes or preventing any fraud attempts. We use customer information (with the communication) if there’s any requirement to prevent any fraud or investigate any User terms or policy violations and/or any harm attempt on our clients.


  1. Data Collection Sources

We gather personal credentials and user information (along with your device information) from some sources:

  • Third-party service suppliers, providers;
  • Our team partners;
  • Social media network;
  • Other sources operating legally.


  1. User Interface Deletion and Retention

We might retain user information if necessary for products or services and complying with the legal framework. When there is no need for user information, we will delete it safely without disclosing it.

If you want us to stop using your information, you can do it by requesting us to “erase user information” and end your Hosting Home account.

Once the account is deactivated, we might retain user information for compliance purposes under lawful conduct (including AML, tax, legal reporting, accounting, and so on), until we require it legally

  1. Right of users:

Any user availing our services or products hold some rights related to your information or personal credentials protection subjected to some condition or restriction as per the legal applicable lawful conduct. Right of users include:

  • Right to information access processed by our team related to you;
  • Right to make changes in any incorrect information related to you;
  • Right to make a transfer for all the information or partial information related to you or any other controlling authority, wherever feasible technically (information portability right;
  • Right to delete any information related to you. Any user may request to delete any information without any delay for legal reasons, for example, when there is no need for the information, or if the data is processed unlawfully;
  • Right to information processing restriction. For any legal reasons or purpose, users might frame a restriction on the processing of information shared by them from the controlling authority;
  • Right to object to information processing when we carry a legal process, or when using your information for marketing, as discussed in the Privacy policy above.

As per the above-mentioned rights, not all are tough to implement, i.e., users hold a right to update or change their details, opt for switching off any communications from our side and our team by changing your account settings, or you can email us at [email protected].

When any user shows an objection to the information processing regarding them when we are carrying the processing as per the legal basis, we make sure to consider looking into the request, which might even lead to deactivating or closing the account.

All the users hold a right to file a complaint with the National DPA (Data Protection Agency) in their residential area in case of any infringement of rights. Though, we recommend our users rely upon a peaceful approach for any dispute and consulting with our team first.

  1. Policy Acceptance:

We consider all the Hosting Home website users have read the Privacy Policy document in detail and show an agreement for the same. If anyone disagrees with our terms of Policy, he or she must not prevail ahead to use our services or website. We can make changes in our Policy terms at any point, irrespective of time, and reveal for the same as per our terms mentioned in “Section 17.” If any user continues using our applications and website, it shows the user’s policy changes acceptance.

Within the Hosting Home’s terms and conditions, Privacy Policy holds integral importance.

We understand customer value and ensure receiving consent from users before relying upon to use the information for any other purpose than stated in the Privacy Policy.

  1. Contact Information:

If you’re concerned with any terms mentioned in the Privacy Policy or hold any query for the same, kindly contact us at [email protected].

  1. Policy Application:

Our Privacy Policy applies to all our offered services and products, excluding the services with different policies not present in the policy terms.

Our policy terms do not apply to any other individual or company services and products present in the search results, websites displaying our products or services, or any other site linked with our products or services.

  1. Changes or Amendments:

We hold a right to introduce any changes in our Privacy Policy anytime. We will display any changes in our Privacy Policy on the websites by displaying a notice for any crucial change in the policy terms for services or email notification for the same.

  1. Additional Information:

If you want to clear any other doubts regarding Hosting Home data collection, usage, don’t hesitate to contact our support team at the email mentioned above in the policy.



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